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Clean Air: WHO’s new air pollution guidelines reflect deadly toll of fossil fuels

Bolstering arguments for rapidly phasing out fossil fuels to not only combat the climate emergency but also potentially save millions of lives annually, the World Health Organization on Wednesday updated its guidelines on air quality for the first time in over 15 years. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams  “The burden of disease attributable to air pollution is now […]

September 25th

Climate Week NYC 2021 Watch NOW (or later) “Race to Zero and Race to Resilience – Delivering on the Promise Of Paris: Every fraction counts”

Race to Zero and Race to Resilience – Delivering on the Promise Of Paris: Every fraction counts The world is racing to a net zero emissions world. Since launching on World Environment Day 2020, over 4,500 companies, cities, regions, financial, educational, and healthcare institutions have joined the Race to Zero through leading Partner initiatives and […]

September 20th

Climate inaction has left majority of young people believing humanity is doomed

Amidst a sharp increase in deadly wildfires and flooding, increasingly violent storms, and extreme heat, new research published Tuesday found that refusal by governments to act on the climate emergency is causing a widespread sense of hopelessness and eco-anxiety in teenagers and young adults worldwide. By Julia Conley Common Dreams A shocking 58% of the children […]

September 18th

Smarter farm subsidies can drive ecosystem restoration

Every year, governments give out $700 billion in agricultural subsidies globally. Though well-intentioned, these farm subsidies sometimes work against their core goal: boosting crop yields and farmer incomes while developing rural areas. By Helen Ding, Will Anderson and René Zamora Crystales World Resources Institute Farm subsidies can also inadvertently drive people to clear forests to produce commodities like soy and beef, which caused […]

September 5th

5 big findings from the IPCC’s 2021 Climate Report

Headlines related to recent extreme weather appear to come out of a science fiction book: Even the richest countries in the world can’t control widespread fires — they’re even burning in the Arctic. Deadly flooding in Germany and Belgium in July 2021 completely washed away buildings and cars, and more than 1,000 people remain missing. Hundreds died in flooding in China. The U.S. […]

August 10th

76 years after Hiroshima bombing, fresh call for end to all nuclear weapons

Peace advocates in Japan and around the globe on Friday marked the 76th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima with renewed calls for a world free of nuclear weapons and the existential threat they pose to humanity. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams For the second straight year, Hiroshima’s annual ceremony commemorating the nuclear attack—which […]

August 6th

UN climate talks: Key outcomes from the June 2021 virtual conference

International climate talks have resumed following an 18-month absence, with diplomats from around the world attempting to negotiate the final rules of the Paris Agreement via the online medium of Microsoft Teams. By Simon Evans and Josh Gabbatiss CarbonBrief The “intersessional” meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) “subsidiary bodies” (SBs) normally takes place in the German city […]

The road to Glasgow and COP 26: Challenging climate negotiations deliver limited progress

Over the past three weeks, climate negotiators gathered online for the UN Climate Change Subsidiary Bodies sessions, aiming to make progress on details within the Paris Agreement. These details are critical to resolve if the world is to meet the agreement’s goals and prevent the most dangerous impacts of climate change. By Yamide Dagnet, Nathan Cogswell, Lorena Gonzalez, Mima Mendoza, Nataniel […]

June 25th

Deforestation is driven by global markets

The world is at a crossroads, as humanity tries to mitigate climate change and halt biodiversity loss, while still securing a supply of food for everyone. A recent study in Nature Communications shows that global demands for commodities, especially in connection with agricultural development, are the main drivers of land use change in the global […]

June 15th

Four reasons why G7 climate finance initiative will struggle against China’s Belt and Road

During the G7 summit in Cornwall, the group of nations unveiled a global initiative to help low and middle-income countries to cover the vast cost of green infrastructure. Intended as a green rival to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative aims to unlock private capital to invest in projects related to climate […]

June 14th