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The Paris Agreement is working as intended, but we’ve still got a long way to go

Well, this is beginning to feel old: 2021 was another year of climate catastrophes — just like the one before it. Yet another year of fires and floods, with more beckoning for 2022. And, like last year, there are desperate calls for 2022 to be a year of accelerated climate action. It has to be, […]

January 15th

‘No Winners in a Nuclear War’: US, Russia, China, UK, and France issue rare joint statement

As the leaders of five of the world’s nine nuclear powers on Monday released a rare joint statement acknowledging that there can be no victors of a nuclear war, disarmament campaigners called on them to “walk the talk” and pursue meaningful action to reduce the risk of thermonuclear armageddon by reducing—and ultimately eliminating—their own atomic stockpiles. By Brett […]

January 5th

Looking ahead to 2022: US could take some pointers from Chile on government-sponsored climate action

Chile’s current constitution was written in 1980 when the nation was ruled by the bloodthirsty Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who came to power in a coup. Now as Chile embarks on a reinvention of itself, 155 Chileans have been elected to rewrite that constitution as the nation deals with a “climate and ecological emergency.” That has a special resonance in […]

January 2nd

2021 Year in Review: Climate change is already affecting our health

Much attention has been devoted in recent times to the environmental and economic effects of climate change. Much less attention, however, has been given to the possible effects of climate change, particularly global warming, on the health of the populations, particularly those from the poorest countries. This is a trend that requires prompt attention if the […]

December 30th

RedGREENandBlue’s top 10 stories of 2021: COP26: Climate deniers beclown themselves, then cry ‘I’ve been cancelled!’ when people laugh

RedGREENandBlue’s top 10 stories of 2021: Steven Donziger beat Chevron in court, so they crucified him. He just won his appeal Michael Mann on “Don’t Look Up”: DO see this film! Earth’s magnetic field broke down 42,000 years ago and caused massive sudden climate change Sharkfest: 10 solutions to overfishing that could save our oceans […]

December 29th

‘Protest Works’: Cheers as Shell signals pullout of Cambo Oil Field project

Climate campaigners in the United Kingdom applauded as oil giant Shell signaled it would not drill for oil in the proposed Cambo oil field off the coast of Scotland’s Shetland Islands, following a grassroots effort to halt the project. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Advocates said Shell’s announcement that it had found a weak economic case for the […]

December 8th

Shell Oil slammed for plan to blast South African coastline for oil and gas during whale season

Environmentalists responded with outrage to reports that oil giant Shell plans to spend the next several months conducting underwater explosions to search for deep-sea oil and gas reserves off South Africa’s coastline—a move that threatens to worsen the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis, undermine the livelihoods of fishers, and harm marine life. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “The extraction […]

December 5th

Dr Michael Mann: Don’t give in to the purveyors of despair. COP26 was a beginning, not an end

“Glasgow delivers hope at a crucial moment in the climate battle” | My new op-ed with Susan Hassol in the LATimes. By Dr Michael Mann Excerpt: For those looking for reasons to be cynical about the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland — COP26 — there seemed to be more than ample cause early […]

November 14th

COP26: experts react to the UN climate summit and Glasgow Pact

We asked experts from around the world for their reaction to the outcomes of this year’s UN climate summit, COP26, including the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed by all 197 countries attending the talks. Here’s what they had to say about the deals that were made. (This page will be updated as reactions come in.) Christina […]

November 14th

COP26: Five things you need to know about the Glasgow Climate Pact

The COP26 UN climate talks in Glasgow have finished and the gavel has come down on the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed by all 197 countries. If the 2015 Paris Agreement provided the framework for countries to tackle climate change then Glasgow, six years on, was the first major test of this high-water mark of global […]

November 13th

California joins the international Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance as a second-tier member

A coalition of environmental justice, public interest and climate groups announced Thursday that the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) at the COP26 Conference in Glasgow that California will join as an “associate” member, a secondary tier of membership for those yet to commit to end new drilling for oil and gas.   By Dan […]

November 13th

COP26 Agreement: Can nations’ promises keep global warming below 2C?

Depending on whom you ask, the COP26 climate summit may seem like the best of times or the worst of times.  On the one hand, reports proclaim boldly that limiting global warming to below 2C might finally be in reach. On the other, critics complain that modest improvements on country commitments amount to little more than “blah […]

November 12th

As COP26 struggles, US and China announce ground-breaking side deal

Campaigners at global advocacy groups on Wednesday welcomed a surprise joint statement from the U.S. and Chinese governments about “enhancing climate action in the 2020s” while also calling on both countries to actually deliver on their promises. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step." US Special Envoy for […]

November 11th

COP26: What the draft climate agreement says – and why it’s being criticised

Having led the delegates at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow to believe that the first draft of the final agreement would be published at midnight Tuesday, the UK presidency will not have made many friends by delaying it till 6am Wednesday morning. There will have been plenty of negotiators – not to mention journalists […]

November 10th

Action, Inaction: Latest COP26 draft agreement slammed as crossing our fingers and hoping

A new COP26 draft decision text unveiled Wednesday was roundly panned by climate campaigners as badly inadequate to the task of slashing global greenhouse gas emissions, which are pushing the planet toward a catastrophic 2.4°C of warming by the end of the century. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “This draft deal is not a plan to solve the […]

November 10th