Coffee is set to be another casualty of climate change. How will we cope without caffeine?

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When Henri Kunz was growing up in West Germany in the 1980s, he used to drink an instant coffee substitute called Caro, a blend of barley, chicory root, and rye roasted to approximate the deep color and invigorating flavor of real coffee. “We kids drank it,” Kunz remembered recently. “It had no caffeine, but it […]

EcoRight Speaks climate podcast: ecologist, reclamation expert Mike Curran

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This week’s guest on the EcoRight Speaks climate podcast is ecologist Dr. Michael Curran, who owns and operates Abnova Ecological Solutions. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN A Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP) and Certified Wildlife Biologist (CWB), Dr. Curran received both the top M.S. and top Ph.D. Student Award in the country by the American […]

Disastrous Delta Tunnel, Sites Reservoir still key components of updated CA Water Plan

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At a press event to celebrate the above average snowpack survey in the Sierra Nevada on April 2, Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled the state’s controversial updated California Water Plan to supposedly “protect California’s water supplies from the climate crisis” while boosting the state’s ability to capture and store water for when dry conditions return. By Dan Bacher Among the key […]

James Hansen – Hope vs Hopium in the acceleration of global warming

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Accumulating evidence supports the interpretation in our Pipeline paper: decreasing human-made aerosols increased Earth’s energy imbalance and accelerated global warming in the past decade. Climate sensitivity and aerosol forcing, physically independent quantities, were tied together by United Nations IPCC climate assessments that rely excessively on global climate models (GCMs) and fail to measure climate forcing […]

On top of climate chaos, UN climate body is short on money

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There was a bit a of news last week from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. That’s the 32-year-old process, backed by treaty, by which limits on carbon emissions are negotiated. To the government ministers and negotiators meeting at the year’s first round of international climate meetings in Denmark, UNFCCC executive director Simon Stiell on Thursday made […]

Earth Matters – A roundup of climate action and clean energy news

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OHIO’S SOLAR FARM WILL ALSO BE THE LARGEST U.S. AGRIVOLTAICS PROJECT – It was a struggle, but developers have finally gotten the go-ahead for what will be the nation’s largest agrivoltaics project. Locating crop production together with solar energy facilities has long been touted as a win-win and is now getting positive attention globally for its mutual benefits. […]

Earth Matters – Climate change and clean energy news for March 24

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MAYORS’ GREEN BUILDING INITIATIVES FUEL JOB GROWTH IN THE UNITED STATES – As the green transition gears up, one of the oft-heard plaintive cries comes from employers who say they cannot find enough skilled workers to meet the expected need for reducing energy bills and attaining pollution-cutting goals. By Meteor Blades Buildings in the United States can contribute as much […]

EcoRight climate news for the week of March 22

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TGIF! Cherry blossoms are peaking, the NCAA tournament is in full swing, and spring is here. As are my allergies. Is it December yet? By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must read:  Conservatives Should Own the Climate Issue (Newsweek) From Drew Bond, President and CEO, Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions comes this op-ed, in which he writes— “The […]

20+ Groups In California Call Out Oil Refiners Profits, Seek Penalty By Summer

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A coalition of over twenty public interest groups exposed new state data showing that California oil refiners averaged more than $1 per gallon in gross profits during 2023 and called on the California Energy Commission to adopt a price gouging penalty by summer. By Dan Bacher The data on excess profits was revealed after a year when Big […]

EcoRight Speaks Podcast Tom McCrudden, owner/operator of Great Florida Shellfish Company

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Welcome back for another episode of the EcoRight Speaks! Today’s guest comes to us highly recommended from one of our favorite past guests. Tom McCrudden is the owner/operator of the Great Florida Shellfish Company, one of the longest operating shellfish hatchery in Florida. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN He has farmed/harvested full size clams and operated wholesale/wet […]

Big impacts from BIG WIRES Act and IRA home rebates

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In CCL’s virtual lobbying last November, our primary ask was for members of Congress to cosponsor the BIG WIRES Act. Many Congressional offices responded by asking detailed questions about the bill. Questions like, ‘How much will it impact utility costs?’; ‘How much will it reduce climate pollution?’; and ‘How will it impact our specific region?’. By […]

UK exits ‘climate-wrecking’ energy charter treaty

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The United Kingdom’s decision to exit a 30-year-old fossil fuel-friendly treaty called the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) will “untie a straitjacket” on the country’s ability to ensure a just transition toward renewable energy, said one campaign group on Thursday. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Officials announced that after two years of negotiations to modernize the 1994 […]

CA Gov Newsom’s water diversions obliterate some Chinook Salmon by 96%

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Scott Artis, the Golden State Salmon Association’s executive director, responded to the latest California salmon return numbers reported in the Pacific Fishery Management Council report released on February 16, 2024. By Dan Bacher “Under Governor Newsom, the upper Sacramento River, formerly the most important salmon producing river south of the Columbia, has been killed off,” […]

How Big Oil is making YOU pay the rising cost of the oil industry’s slow death

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Unplugged oil and gas wells accelerate climate change, threaten public health and risk hitting taxpayers’ pocketbooks. ProPublica and Capital & Main found that the money set aside to fix the problem falls woefully short of the impending cost. By Mark Olalde, ProPublica, and Nick Bowlin, Capital & Main In the 165 years since the first […]