Occupy Wall Street arrests & evictions: Albany, Denver, St. Louis, San Diego, Portland, and… Oakland?

  • Published on November 12th, 2011

Here’s the rundown for the day, as we wait to see what will happen in Portland at midnight:

Portland, ORAlbany, NYDenver, CO | San DiegoSan Francisco | St. Louis

Portland, OR:Mayor Sam Adams had been an on-again, off-again friend to the Occupation, but he’s issued an ultimatum: Out of the park by midnight or face arrests. No action is expected until after 2 am, when police hope supporters will have tired and gone home.

Live feed here here and hereThis feed is down)


Update Noon PST: Police told the protesters they had three more days before eviction, and the crowd dispersed. When it was down to just a couple of dozen, police moved in and started busting up the camp. The action continues: New liveblog here.


Update 6:30 PST: Cheers, as Police are leaving. Occupy Portland abides! “There goes the Clackamas County Sherrif!” “We showed that non-violence can work!” “I’m so proud of everybody”.

Occupiers begin to dismantle the barricades.

Update 6:00 PST: Lt. King is at the intersection, asking people to clear the streets and move INTO the parks.

Update 5:30 PST:  Lights have gone out. There were bright floodlights brought in by Mayor Sam Adams all night; now they’re off.

Update 5:20 PST:  Some Occupiers are building barricades on Main Street, harkening back to the first days when the Occupation actually blocked off the street for several days. That was a recipe for confrontation… so is this.

Update 5:00 PST:  There’s been cat and mouse stuff with barricades going up, and a few more projectiles going toward the police from the crowd. But the overall tone has been peaceful overnight.

The parks will NOT be reopening at 5:00 am. Word is that police still intend to clear the parks this morning, but the Occupation intends to stay for the long haul. So there will be a confrontation – the only question is when.

Update 4:05 PST: Confirmation that Cameron Matta was arrested for throwing the projectile at the police (although conflicting reports on what it was: flare, firecracker, bottle). Also, Matta was pushed toward police by Occupiers so he could be arrested.

Update 3:00 PST: Looks like a waiting game. Occupiers I’ve spoken to expect the police to wait until the crowd disperses a little. Maybe more toward dawn.

Update 2:15 PST: Officer injured in leg by flare is loaded into ambulence.

Update 2:05 PST: Police are backing off. Crowd is singing.

Update 2:05 PST: Streets are still shut down. Clogged with Occupiers and police.

Update 2:05 PST: Occupiers cheered as police led away the one arrested. Agitator? Maybe idiot that threw the flair and injured the officer?

Update 1:58 PST: Police loudspeaker: SW Main and 2nd, plan to reopen, if not “may be subject to use of force, chem agents & impact munitions”

Update 1:55 PST: Police say an officer was injured by a flare thown from the crowd.

Update 1:50 PST: Police on horses taking street, dividing the Occupations in the two parks.

huge crowd at occupy Portland
Huge crowd at Occupy Portland (twitpic @ivarvong)

Update 1:48 PST: Nadia says police have made first arrest.

Update 1:45 PST: More police moving toward 3rd in riot gear. They are putting helmets on.

Update 1:35 PST: Occupiers had been moving into the street at 3rd and Main; police line is now pushing them back.

Update 1:35 PST: Occupiers say “We’re holding roses, not rocks!”

Update 1:30 PST: @ahockley tweets: Chief Reese is on the front lines, just watched him direct traffic for a while. AM 860’s Mark Provo reports “Wall to wall spectators is some areas have gone home”, but this does NOT appear to be true from other sources. Our reporter says there are a couple thousand.

KPTV reports: Portland Police Chief Mike Reese says police will move in when they decide it’s safe to do so, but wouldn’t elaborate on a more precise plan.

“We would like folks to continue packing up and leaving the park,” Reese says.

There was little urgency from the police bureau to boot protesters out of the area.

“This is not a serious or violent crime. This is a low-level misdemeanor,” said Lt. Robert King. “We’re not moving in at this time. We’re not taking hostile and provocative action.”

Update 1:20 PST: Our reporter on the scene, li’l nadia, says about 200 bicycle police have just showed up. But there are still too many Occupiers and supporters for them to start making arrests. She also says that contrary to earlier reports, there are still a LOT of tents up.

Update 12:49 PST: “They’re too big to fail? We’re too big to jail!”

Update 12:49 PST: They are singing:

These streets are our streets, these streets are your streets
From Occupy Portland to Occupy Wall Street
From Occupy Oakland to Occupy Boston
These streets are made for you and me!

Tonight they staged an Occu-Fest to attract supporters to the site. It worked – as of midnight there were thousands of supporters surrounding the square.

Most of the Portland Occupation has already dismantled [note – we’ve since learned that in fact there ARE still a lot of tents set up], and they’ve discussed potential alternatives, including having an indoor base for the winter. But a small group have said they will face arrest rather than move.

Earlier, a group of “outside agitators” was found to be stockpiling rocks for the confrontation; they were turned over to Portland Police by the Occupiers.

Portland, OR | Albany, NY | Denver, CO | San Diego | San Francisco | St. Louis

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  • Actually, Occupy St. Louis had been established for 42 days, not two weeks, when the police raided and attempted to shut us down. And I might add that when the 27 protesters were arrested for remaining in the park after curfew, there were at least 200 other protesters on the sidewalk who had chosen not to take an arrest. The arrests did not happen ‘after the rest of the occupation had packed up’ as this article states. It happened in full view of hundreds of protesters who were in support of the Occupation. In addition, the city workers, in conjunction with the police, came in and removed all of our tents, the media tent, the library, the kitchen and many other structures that had been established and running smoothly for weeks before Mayor Slay decided it was time to pull the plug. I will say that the police handled themselves well and there was absolutely no violence or abuse of power. I was surprised. Pleasantly so. We have maintained good rapport with the SLPD for the last month and a half. Many officers say that they totally support what we are doing. They did our city proud by not showing up in riot gear with batons flailing. After the arrests, I talked to several officers, many of whom agreed that indeed they are part of the 99%. One officer even had tears in her eyes as she was arresting people.

  • Not quite right. They have been there since early Oct. They did not clear up everything before the police came and they are NOT GONE.

    I only arrived for the first time on Th shortly before the Public notice was delivered: Curfew IN the park was 10pm to 6 am and all the stuff had to go. On Fri there was a march with a veterans peace group to Soldiers Memorial. Later some people chose to remove their stuff and others to leave it up.
    The main tent and Kitchen tent were still up. All were waiting to see if the injunction to allow them to stay came through. The accounts in the St Louis Post Dispatch for Th and Fri were accurate for the time I was there. I had to leave late Fri night and have not been able to return. The Occupy website statements, the Facebook page,the livestream and the StL Post Dispatch all say that the police came in after 12 am Sat. Those who chose not to leave, went noisily, but peaceably. The Parks dept packed up the remaining tents and stuff to be retrieved later. Others remained on the perimeter of the park. Meetings , support for the arrested etc continued to go on and the group continued to use the park during the allowed hours and it seems at least the perimeter after curfew. Everyone is out of jail. They are NOT gone. Sunday there were meetings and a celebration with music and dancing was planned for the evening. I don’t know exactly what is going on now. Why don’t you contact them and get the story straight. They are still out there!

  • Our emperors have no clothes. Our emperors have no shame. These governors, mayors, city councils, police chiefs and street cops of America need to realize that it is NOT UP TO THEM wheth­er or not Americans peaceably gather, protest, discuss, or demonstrat­e. It’s up to a document called the US CONSTITUTI­ON. You can beat us and arrest us and tear-gas us, you can try to “permit” us to death….b­ut you can’t kill an idea. You can’t keep down a people’s hopes and dreams for a better life…..a life with dignity and freedom…­.for us, and for our kids. With OWS America has found it’s voice, and that voice demands fairness and justice – for ALL. This land IS our land! AND WE WANT IT BACK! We want our LIVES back! We want our FUTURE back! But it’s much more than just words…. it’s much more than just politics..­.. it’s your LIFE, and how you want to live it. Find a quiet place somewhere, and consider this: Each of us has only one brief life….on­e chance….­one roll of the dice….an­d many choices. The time has come to choose….­to risk…and to act. If not now…then when? If not you, then….wh­o? You DO have the power my friend….­and the choice IS yours. Don’t let your dreams die….

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