Overwhelming force arrayed against Occupy Oakland

  • Published on November 14th, 2011
occupy oakland under assault
(photo by @LucyKafanov)

All the signs point toward an early morning assault on Occupy Oakland.

There are already a number of police arrayed at entrance and exit routes around the Frank Ogawa Plaza, with word of as many as 700 staging in the vicinity. The officers seen so far do not seem to have badge numbers.

Eviction notices and cease-and-desists were handed out over the past few days, and a near-by school was notified that there would be a police action in the early morning hours.

Livestream here,  here and here.

7:30 PST:  So the main Occupy Oakland campt at Frank Ogawa Plaza was demolished, but the secondary camp at Snow Park remains. There were a handful of arrests, but no confrontations. And as Joshua Holland of Alternet (@ JoshuaHol) tweeted, “The lack of teargas, flashbangs and less lethal gunfire this time offers definitive proof those things weren’t neccesary last time.”

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7:02 PST: Matthai Kuruvila of the SF Chronicle @matthai tweets he was personally told: Dan Siegel, Quan’s legal advisor, resigned over this “tragically unnecessary” raid of #OccupyOakland

7:02 PST: Looks like it was just a shift change. No confrontation, no escalation.

6:58 PST: A whole bunch more police just reinforced the line at 14th and Broadway, where the remnant crowd has been waiting. Again, these officers are equipped with tear gas. What’s the game plan?

6:35 PST:  The plaza is nearly cleared. Lucy Kafanov @LucyKafanov tweets: This area deemed a crime scene – opd officer says. Media not allowed to walk throught tents. (Photo by @LucyKafanov)

6:30 PST: One large contingent of police has just marched away. Occupiers cheer. Not clear where they’re heading to.

6:20 PST: Dawn is breaking over Oakland. So far there have been a relatively small number of arrests. Right now they’re mostly going after the tents, clearing the encampment. The question is: will they leave it at that, or will they attempt to disperse the hundreds of people still gathered? The police have tear gas, rubber bullets, and many are in full riot gear. (photo by @robertsalonga)

an occupy wedding6:15 PST: There was just a wedding. Awesome! The happy couple wore crash helmets and exchanged vows they improvised on the spot.

Meanwhile, all the media present are escorted into their own special holding area, surrounded by police. That doesn’t sound good – and must have pissed them off something fierce. Way to earn yourself good coverage, lads!

6:07 PST: Pam Cook @pcooknews tweets: Oficers tell KTVU’s Kraig Debro ‘clear out or face arrest’
clergy arrested

6:05 PST: The group of interfaith clergy that had attempted to interpose itself between the police and the Occupation Camp is being arrested.

6:00 PST: City of Oakland has issued a statement. Oddly, it is addressed to Business Leaders rather than people of Oakland. Full text here.

5:50 PST: Police begin to clear out tents. No reports of arrests so far. Boots Riley, a longtime protester at the camp, tells the SF GATE, “Whatever they do, they’re going to just make us keep going. They’re in a lose-lose situation. The camp is not going to go away.”

5:45 PST: Susie Cagle tweets: Police putting up barricades at plaza entrance. Still can’t hear any dispersal order.

5:35 PST: Police are moving through the camp but most of the Occupiers have melted away.

5:30 PST: OakFoSho informs the police lined up in front of the protetors that they are in violation of California Penal Code Section 538e30.

5:15: PST: OakFoSho counts 11 different police agencies. Plus some with no identification at all. Since some of these officers are costing the city of Oakland $1,000 a day, this is going to be a spectacularly costly operation.

5:20 PST: Susie Cagle tweets: Crowd kettled at 14 & Broadway by OPD and Alameda sheriffs

5:05 PST: Police are on the move heading toward Frank Ogawa Plaza.

unidentified police line up to take down Occupy Oakland5:0o PST: OakFoSho, livestreaming, walks his video camera along a line of police. “No names, no badge numbers. All along the line. The only people breaking the law here are YOU people.”

4:55 PST:  californiabeat tweets: Oakland Police has ordered assembled media to move their news vans away from the #OccupyOakland area citing safety concerns.

4:45 PST: There are only about 50 to 75 people left in the Occupy encampment. These are the hardy few who intend to get arrested as an act of civil disobedience (although seeing how the OPD has been operating, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes). The rest – and there is a large number – have moved to 14th and Broadway.

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