Ecoright Speaks podcast, episode 4: GOP climate activist John Sweeney

  • Published on July 7th, 2020

It’s Tuesday, which must mean it’s podcast drop day! The latest episode is LIVE on all your favorite ways to listen to podcasts. For today’s episode, I was joined by John Sweeney, one of our most prolific spokespeople. He’s been published in Human EventsNational Review Online, and The Hill, and today you get to hear his voice.

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By Chelsea Henderson
EcoRight News/ RepublicEN

John is a Principal at Park Madison Partners in New York, NY, where he is responsible for providing capital raising and advisory services to the firm’s real estate private equity clients.

He has been involved in Republican politics since high school, having volunteered on numerous local, state, and federal election campaigns spanning from the conservative heartlands of Tennessee to the liberal stronghold of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. A dedicated foot soldier of the conservative movement, he currently serves as Treasurer of the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City.

In both work and politics, John has been an outspoken advocate for climate action.

He’s also a new dad!

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(Re-posted from RepublicEN, an organization committed to growing U.S. conservative climate leadership.)

About the Author is an organization committed to growing U.S. conservative climate leadership. Members of republicEn are conservatives, libertarians, and pragmatists of diverse political opinion. We stand together because we believe in American free enterprise. We believe that with a true level playing field, free enterprise can deliver the innovation to solve climate change. But America's climate policy needs to change. Change requires that conservative leaders step-up and lead. Climate change is real and we believe it's our duty and our opportunity to reduce the risks. But to make a difference, we have to fight climate change with free enterprise instead of ineffective subsidies and regulations.

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