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German election spells good news for climate action (But it’ll still be complicated)

The center-left Social Democrats took the most parliamentary seats in German elections Sunday as the center-right bloc led by longtime Chancellor Angela Merkel lost ground and the ascendant Greens—energized by the youth vote and with a focus on the climate emergency—picked up a promising number of seats with an eye towards being a crucial member of […]

September 27th

Climate Week NYC 2021: Bill Gates, John Kerry and Alok Sharma discuss critical moments in the Climate Decade and how to get there

To keep climate change under 1.5 degrees, the world must act immediately to halve emissions by 2030 and work toward net zero emissions by 2050. That urgency led COP26 President Alok Sharma to call the run up to 2030 a “decisive decade” for humanity. Sharma joined other speakers, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates and US […]

September 26th

Climate Week NYC 2021: Leveraging storytelling to inspire people to action and behavioral change is key to tackling the climate crisis

  With climate change and climate-related weather events playing a more central role in our lives, does how we communicate about the crisis need to shift? That’s the question a panel of communications experts, from filmmakers to journalists, non-profits to corporations, discussed at “Communicating Climate Change,” a session of Climate Week NYC’s The Hub Live. By Amanda […]

September 26th

Stupid, stupid: Why announce anti-China alliance just when we need China’s help for COP26 climate action?

Climate campaigners voiced concern that a new trilateral military agreement by the U.S., U.K., and Australian governments—an arrangement, including new weapons sales, designed to neutralize China’s growing geostrategic influence—could have a devastating impact on urgently needed climate cooperation ahead of the United Nations’ COP 26 climate talks next month in Glasgow. By John Queally Common Dreams […]

September 23rd

Climate Week NYC 2021 – Events to explore (in person and online)

As the core of Climate Week NYC, the official events program is the primary way for communities and individuals to engage. Last year, Climate Week NYC went completely virtual, proving that climate action can still move ahead in the face of significant challenges. This year the events program is organized into ten themes and offers activities in a variety of formats—virtual, in-person and hybrid—to ensure […]

September 22nd

Climate Week NYC 2021 Watch NOW (or later) “Race to Zero and Race to Resilience – Delivering on the Promise Of Paris: Every fraction counts”

Race to Zero and Race to Resilience – Delivering on the Promise Of Paris: Every fraction counts The world is racing to a net zero emissions world. Since launching on World Environment Day 2020, over 4,500 companies, cities, regions, financial, educational, and healthcare institutions have joined the Race to Zero through leading Partner initiatives and […]

September 20th

Climate Week NYC 2021: Time for big, bold, and equitable climate investments

The climate crisis is accelerating, and we must dramatically cut our carbon emissions if we hope to preserve a livable planet. Meanwhile, our country is facing the intersecting crises of COVID-19, economic injustice, and racial injustice. We must meet the moment with bold action that matches the scale of these crises. That means transforming our […]

September 20th

Nuclear power: Why molten salt reactors are problematic (and Canada investing in them is a waste)

One of the beneficiaries of the run-up to the federal election has been the nuclear energy industry, specifically companies that are touting new nuclear reactor designs called small modular reactors. The largest two financial handouts have been to two companies, both developing a specific class of these reactors, called molten salt reactors (MSRs). By MV […]

September 17th