Author: Jake Johnson

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Steven Donziger (who helped Amazon natives beat Chevron in court) CONVICTED by Chevron-owned court in NY

Human rights lawyer Steven Donziger said Monday that he is a victim of an “obvious travesty of justice” and vowed to appeal after a judge found him guilty on six counts of criminal contempt of court. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The ruling by U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska marks the latest development in a case that stems […]

July 27th

Dems agree to pursue a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill that goes big on climate

The Senate Democratic leadership agreed late Tuesday to push for a $3.5 trillion legislative package that includes substantial investments in green energy and climate action, an expansion of Medicare benefits, universal pre-K, and other priorities, funded by tax hikes on the rich and large corporations. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Speaking to reporters late Tuesday, […]

July 14th

200+ groups to Democrats: $6 trillion ‘Should be the floor’ for climate and infrastructure bill

A coalition of more than 200 progressive advocacy organizations and think tanks released a joint statement Wednesday arguing that $6 trillion in spending “should be the floor, not the ceiling” of Democratic lawmakers’ ambitions as they craft a legislative package aimed at combating the climate crisis, rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, and repairing the tattered safety net. By Jake […]

July 5th

‘This Is the Climate Emergency’: Dozens of deaths reported as Canada heatwave hits record-shattering 121°F

Dozens of sudden-death calls that Vancouver authorities have received this week are believed to be tied to the dangerous heatwave currently scorching Canada and pushing temperatures to record levels, an event experts say is a direct result of the human-caused climate emergency. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams On Tuesday, the temperature hit 49.6°C (121°F) in Lytton, […]

July 1st

‘Can you hear us, Joe?’ Sunrise youth barricade White House to denounce climate compromise

Hundreds of activists with the youth-led Sunrise Movement marched through the streets of Washington, D.C. and converged on the White House Monday to make clear they have no intention of dropping their call for an infrastructure package that includes robust investments in green energy and public works, particularly a New Deal-inspired Civilian Climate Corps.   By Jake […]

July 1st

10 GOP Senators back infrastructure plan (but just $579B and no mention of climate)

Support for a bipartisan infrastructure framework that calls for just $579 billion in new spending grew on Wednesday as a group of 20 Democratic and Republican senators endorsed the yet-to-be-finalized proposal, leading progressives to reiterate that any package without adequate climate action is doomed to fail in the House and Senate.   By Jake Johnson Common […]

June 18th

The US set a record for renewables in 2020, but more is needed

Despite the challenging economic conditions created by COVID-19, 2020 was a record year for clean energy development in the United States, with the country nearly doubling the capacity installed in 2019. By Katrina McLaughlin and Lori Bird World Resources Institute According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the U.S. installed 35 gigawatts (GW) of new renewable generating capacity in 2020, enough […]

June 17th

Trump-appointed judge blocks Biden from pausing new oil drilling leases

A Trump-appointed federal judge on Tuesday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a temporary pause on new leases for oil and gas drilling on public lands and waters, a decision the Interior Department said it “will comply with” amid warnings about the order’s potentially destructive climate impact. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “The judge’s order turns a blind […]

June 17th

Following KXL victory, climate leaders call on Biden to cancel Line 3 and other ‘Trump Pipelines’

In the wake of the final demise of the Keystone XL pipeline, Indigenous leaders and climate activists on Friday implored President Joe Biden to use his executive authority to pull the plug on other destructive fossil fuel transport projects advanced during the Trump administration—from Line 3 to the Dakota Access Pipeline. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams “We shuttered […]

June 14th

‘Climate Denial Masquerading as Bipartisanship’: Progressives reject latest infrastructure “compromise”

The progressive rallying cry of “no climate, no deal” continued to gain steam Friday in response to the emerging details of a bipartisan infrastructure proposal that calls for just $580 billion in new spending, a sum that climate leaders in Congress and at the grassroots rejected as woefully inadequate. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams While the bipartisan group […]

June 12th

Water Protectors gather for ‘Largest resistance yet’ to Line 3 pipeline as Enbridge accelerates construction

Thousands of people from across the nation are traveling to northern Minnesota this weekend to join Indigenous leaders in what organizers described as the “largest resistance yet” to Line 3, an Enbridge-owned tar sands pipeline whose construction has accelerated in recent days as opponents warn the project poses a threat to waterways and the climate. We’ve got over 1000 people […]

June 7th

‘Negotiate With Us, Not the GOP’: Sunrise activists rally at White House to protest Biden’s climate compromise

As President Joe Biden looks to cut an infrastructure deal with Senate Republicans by dramatically curtailing the size and scope of his American Jobs Plan, activists with the youth-led Sunrise Movement gathered outside the White House Friday morning to make clear that compromising on climate action to appease the GOP is unacceptable. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Varshini […]

June 5th

Building Better Infrastructure: Dems urged to ditch GOP After ‘Woefully inadequate’ offer

Republican senators on Thursday unveiled an infrastructure counteroffer calling for just $257 billion in new spending over the next eight years, a proposal that intensified pressure on the Biden administration and Democratic leaders to abandon their push for bipartisan compromise and unilaterally press ahead with a sufficiently bold package. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams While a group […]

June 1st

Why is the Biden Justice Department defending Trump’s massive Alaska drilling project?

The Biden administration is facing backlash from climate activists and scientists after filing a court brief Wednesday in defense of a major Trump-era Alaska drilling project that’s expected to produce up to 160,000 barrels of oil a day over a 30-year period—a plan that runs directly counter to the White House’s stated goal of slashing U.S. carbon emissions. By Jake Johnson […]

May 28th

Building better infrastructure: Don’t slash climate plans to appease GOP

Environmentalists are warning President Joe Biden against ditching critical green energy investments and other climate policies in his effort to strike an infrastructure deal with congressional Republicans, many of whom continue to deny the scientific reality of human-caused planetary heating. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The Washington Post reported Wednesday that “in multiple rounds of talks, Republican lawmakers have held […]

May 27th