Author: Jeremy Bloom

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Covid Thanksgiving: How to cook a turkey like a pro (even if it’s your first time)

Thanksgiving in the Coronavirus Pandemic era is a completely different bird. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent most of your life celebrating this most American of holidays in the traditional way – with a boatload of family, friends, and assorted hangers on. But not this year… this year, in order to prevent the further […]

November 25th

9 ways to make a greener Thanksgiving this year

It’s been a weird mixed bag of a year, but we still have a lot to be thankful for…  And as we officially enter the season of holiday cheer, holiday shopping and holiday excess, can we all think about the planet, too? By Jeremy Bloom  They say that green is the new black, but that […]

November 24th

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for our farmers (Let’s help them earn a decent living!)

Please try to keep in mind as you shop this holiday season: Fair Trade doesn’t just apply to African villagers and Amazon tribes – it also applies to the folks who grow our food here at home. By Jeremy Bloom An interesting note from a farmer who tried switching from big-breasted flightless corporate turkeys to heritage birds: […]

November 24th

Portugal becomes Europe’s 4th country to quit coal

Environmentalists on Monday hailed the shutdown of Portugal’s last coal-fired power plant—a move that came nearly nine years ahead of the government’s 2030 target—while warning against converting the facility to run on unsustainable biofuel. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams Reuters reports the Pego power plant in Abrantes, which was responsible for 4% of Portugal’s carbon emissions, exhausted its coal stock […]

November 23rd

COP26: Here’s what it would take to end coal power worldwide

More than 40 countries have signed an agreement at COP26, the latest UN climate change summit in Glasgow, to phase out coal in electricity generation. The signatories include some of the world’s biggest coal burners: Canada, Poland, Vietnam, South Korea, Ukraine and Indonesia. The larger of these economies pledge to cease using coal in their […]

November 8th

COP26: Palau President admonishes big emitters ‘You might as well bomb our islands’

On the third day of the COP26 climate conference, Surangel Whipps Jr., president of the Pacific island nation of Palau, reprimanded the leaders of wealthy countries, telling the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters: “You might as well bomb our islands.” By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “We see the scorching sun is giving us intolerable heat, the warming sea […]

November 3rd

As oil spill fouls Cali beaches, Biden admin plows ahead with oil and gas leases

Less than 48 hours after one of the worst oil spills in Southern California history was first spotted—and as officials continue to monitor oil leaks that started weeks ago when Hurricane Ida collided with the Gulf Coast’s extensive fossil fuel infrastructure—the Biden administration on Monday confirmed its plan to expand offshore drilling, provoking resistance from environmental advocates.   By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The […]

October 5th

Climate Week NYC 2021: Events for Thursday Sept 23

Here are just a few of the events coming at you today as part of Climate Week NYC 2021. (Check out the full schedule here) Check out all of our Climate Week coverage here. 9:30 am We’re excited & honored to host @MarkJCarney @Columbia World Leaders Forum for #ClimateWeekNYC. An important conversation about how to […]

September 23rd

Biden EPA moves to protect Bristol Bay from salmon-killing Pebble Mine

Conservationists, local tribes, and commercial fishers celebrated on Thursday the Biden administration’s move to permanently protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed from the proposed Pebble Mine and similarly destructive projects. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Placing a massive mine at the headwaters of the world’s greatest, most productive wild sockeye salmon fishery has been a terrible idea […]

September 10th

WSJ outdoes Brietbart in politicizing medicine after journals call for climate action

The Wall Street Journal is a legacy media institution, one of the most-subscribed-to newspapers in the world, catering to the wealthy investors of its namesake. Breitbart is a blog that spent years laundering Nazi propaganda into mainstream Republicanism. Though some might be inclined to suggest there’s a categorical difference between the two outlets, on climate, […]

September 10th

Minimum Viable Planet: A back to basics pep talk after the big IPCC Climate Report

Last weekend I girded. I encircled myself with mental armor in preparation for the latest IPCC report, over which climate twitter was already angsting. I told myself I would just read the toplines, and leave it to colleagues to go deep on the policy. I told myself I wouldn’t dwell. There was nothing new except further conclusivity […]

August 22nd

Bernie Sanders: The planet is in peril. We’re building Congress’s strongest-ever climate bill

Bernie Sanders is pushing hard for a new budget full of important climate investments. As chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, he is in a unique position to make this happen – and with next year’s midterm elections uncertain, it’s more important than ever that we get this voted into law NOW, before the GOP […]

August 19th

New signs the Gulf Stream system is near collapse, with ‘Unimaginably Catastrophic’ results for weather in Europe and Eastern US

While heatwaves, fires, and floods produce warnings that “we are living in a climate emergency, here and now,” a scientific study suggested Thursday that a crucial Atlantic Ocean current system could collapse, which “would have severe impacts on the global climate system.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, focuses on the Atlantic Meridional […]

August 14th

Washington Post lets George Will mislead its opinion page readers (along with climate denier Steve Koonin)

The Washington Post does a lot of great reporting on climate change, and its opinion page is often home to strong pro-climate arguments, like this one from Tuesday about how with the new IPCC report findings, “climate doubters lose one of their last remaining arguments.” By Climate Denier Roundup A day later, though, the same […]

August 14th

Haven’t got time to read the full IPCC Report on climate? Watch this short video

The very short version: After years of warnings that climate change is coming, we can now say that climate change is HERE. But if we act NOW (not by 2030 or by 2050, but NOW) we can avoid the worst of it. More of our IPCC Report coverage: ‘Code Red for humanity’: IPCC Report warns […]

August 9th