Author: Jeremy Deaton

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Solar energy could provide 40% of US electricity within 15 years

Solar energy can rise from 3% of U.S. power generation today to 40% by 2035, and ultimately 50% by 2050, a new report from the Energy Department and National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows. By Nathan Kaufman Nexus Media News Falling costs have boosted solar growth over the past decade, so reaching that 40% threshold would […]

September 10th

When the water runs out: Climate change and water crisis threaten the future of native tribes, fish & farmers

Climate change is inflaming a long-simmering conflict over water in the Klamath River Basin. Jeremy Deaton and Briana Flin Nexus Media News Except for a brief stint in the military, Paul Crawford has spent his entire life farming in southern Oregon. First, as a boy, chasing his dad through hayfields and now, growing alfalfa on […]

July 15th

Heat Stifles, Strains Grids In West

Mutually worsening heat and drought, both fueled by climate change, are stifling the American West, stoking wildfire fears and straining electrical grids — and the worst is far from over. “We could have two, three, four, five of these heat waves before the end of the summer,” Park Williams, a UCLA climate and fire scientist […]

June 21st

Fire Killed 1 In 10 Of Earth’s Most Fire-Resilient Monarch Sequoias in 2020

Scientists have known last year’s Castle Fire was probably the most destructive for California’s famously fire-resilient sequoias in at least 700 years, but a draft National Park Service report obtained by the Visalia Times-Delta puts a quantitative measurement on that fire’s climate-fueled toll. By Nexus Media News Between 7,500 and 10,000 monarch sequoias — about […]

June 6th

Colonial Pipeline shutdown wasn’t about cyber attack – it was protecting corporate profits

Colonial Pipeline operators made the proactive choice to shut down the 5,500-mile pipeline, setting off gas shortages, panic, and chaos up and down the East Coast, in order to protect their own profits, CNN reports. The ransomware attack did not actually affect the Koch-owned pipeline’s operations, but did make the company concerned it wouldn’t be able to […]

May 17th

The US owes a massive climate debt. One way to pay it: Let in climate migrants.

The United States has generated more heat-trapping carbon pollution than any other nation, but it has not felt the impact of climate change in equal measure. Poorer countries in warmer latitudes are enduring the most devastating droughts, heat waves and violent storms, and seeing more poverty, disease and mass migration as a result. By doing so much to fuel climate change, the United States has incurred […]

May 13th

EV sales growing, but need support to grow even faster, IEA say

Global EV sales grew 41% but must accelerate even faster to meet climate and energy goals, the International Energy Agency reported last week. Under current trends, 145 million EVs, including cars, trucks, and busses, will be on the world’s roads by 2030, approximately 7% of the total fleet. By Nexus Media News That is less […]

May 3rd

EPA is restoring California’s authority to set stronger car and truck pollution standards

The Environmental Protection Agency will restore California’s authority to set stronger car and truck pollution standards, the agency announced Monday. The move will undo what Administrator Michael Regan described as a “legally dubious … attack on the public’s health and well-being” by the Trump administration in 2019. By Nexus Media News EPA’s announcement came days […]

April 28th