Author: Jessica Corbett

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Climate Emergency: Why did the G7 cave to big oil AGAIN?

“The G7 countries have once again proved that they are morally bankrupt and have no real intention to solve the climate crisis and take responsibility for this crisis caused by their disproportionate use and relentless support for fossil fuels.”‘ By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Fixed the poster for you, Chancellor @OlafScholz đź‘‹ You thought we […]

June 29th

EPA protects your drinking water from toxic “forever chemical” PFAS (But more is still needed)

While applauding the Biden administration’s new “baby steps” to address “forever chemicals” in drinking water, green groups this week also emphasized that far more sweeping action is needed to protect people and the planet. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “This is a step in the right direction,” said Stel Bailey, co-facilitator of the National PFAS Contamination […]

June 17th

War on Science: Climate action is popular, but disinformation successfully blocks and slows it

Leading up to the next global climate summit in November, a report released Thursday uses climate mis- and disinformation related to last year’s conference to spotlight emerging strategies that impede action and to offer Big Tech and government clear solutions. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The report—entitled Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting and Responding to Climate Disinformation at COP26 and […]

June 14th

Why is the Biden admin trying to shut down the youth climate lawsuit?

In a clear show of support for the youth who have been fighting for a landmark U.S. constitutional climate case since 2015, the People vs. Fossil Fuels coalition this week launched a petition urging the Biden administration to “end its opposition to Juliana v. United States proceeding to trial.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The effort comes after settlement talks […]

June 11th

How Big Oil’s surge of campaign cash is undermining democracy

Leading up to a vote on a pair of ordinances in California’s Ventura County, an environmental advocacy group on Wednesday accused the fossil fuel industry of trying to “hijack democracy.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams That charge from Food & Water Watch (FWW) followed the Ventura County Star‘s new reporting on Big Oil spending millions of dollars in a bid to […]

June 2nd

Are you pro-life? Want to protect the unborn? Then do something about toxic forever chemicals

Research revealed Wednesday that many tested children’s products, including those labeled “green” or “nontoxic,” contain “forever chemicals.” The analysis of bedding, clothing, and funishings for kids—published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology—follows other recent reports that have found per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in household products, particularly those marketed as nonstick and stain- or water-resistant. By Jessica […]

May 5th

“Youth V Gov” climate documentary premieres on Netflix (as we await major court decision)

The award-winning documentary titled YOUTH v GOV premiered globally on the streaming platform Netflix Friday as the youth plaintiffs featured in the film await a decision that could put their historic climate lawsuit on a path to trial. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “In under two hours, you get an inside look at nearly seven years of Juliana […]

April 30th

Manchin is at it again – is he actually negotiating a climate package, or just running out the clock?

Advocacy groups on Tuesday blasted new efforts by U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin to strike a deal with the GOP on climate legislation after months of the West Virginia Democrat preventing the House-approved Build Back Better Act from reaching President Joe Biden’s desk. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Manchin and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) organized a Monday night meeting […]

April 27th

Climate Data: Governments are STILL investing in more fossil fuel infrastructure instead of solar, wind

A new online tool launched Wednesday by a U.S.-based advocacy group details how international public finance is continuing to fuel the climate emergency rather than sufficiently funding a just transition to clean energy. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Oil Change International (OCI) unveiled its Public Finance for Energy Database—accessible at—along with a briefing that lays out key findings, why the […]

April 21st

NEPA is back: Biden fixing bedrock environmental law that Trump gutted

While welcoming the White House’s move Tuesday to repair some of the damage that the Trump administration did to a federal law known as “the Magna Carta of environmental legislation,” green groups also urged President Joe Biden to go even further. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) finalized its “phase 1” rule for the National Environmental Policy […]

April 20th

Big oil keeps on lying – “Tricks of the Trade: Deceptive Practices, Climate Delay, and Greenwashing in the Oil and Gas Industry”

The nonprofit Earthworks on Tuesday revealed how eight fossil fuel giants use “confusing jargon, false solutions, and misleading metrics” to distort “the severity of ongoing harm to health and climate from the oil and gas sector by helping companies lower reported emissions and claim climate action without actually reducing emissions.” By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The […]

April 15th