Author: Julia Conley

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Conservationists applaud Biden plan to reverse Trump attack on Tongass National Forest

Indigenous rights and climate action groups on Friday welcomed the Biden administration’s announcement that the Department of Agriculture will “repeal or replace” former President Donald Trump’s assault on Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, in which a 20-year-old rule protecting wild lands was revoked three months before Trump left office. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Trump’s rollback of the 2001 […]

June 13th

Net Zero CO2: Clean Creatives targets corporate ad giant WPP for helping big oil greenwash

The climate-focused Clean Creatives campaign released a mocking ad video Tuesday to rebuke the greenwashing of corporate advertising giant WPP, which represents some of the world’s biggest polluters. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The satirical video is a send up of WPP’s announcement ahead of Earth Day this year in which the ad agency claimed it was setting targets for its own […]

June 9th

Climate crisis and negligent policymakers blamed for ‘Record sickening levels’ of manatee deaths in Florida

Conservation advocates in Florida are warning that 1,000 manatees in the state’s water could die this year—hundreds more than in recent years—due to starvation driven by water pollution, the climate crisis, and other man-made harms to the mammals’ ecosystem. By Julia Conley Common Dreams As The Guardian reported, 749 manatees died between January 1 and May […]

June 6th

EU Green Week: G7 nations STILL spending billions more on fossil fuels than renewables

Even as officials prepare for the G7 summit where seven of the world’s richest nations will reportedly discuss climate action and a “green recovery” from the Covid-19 pandemic, a new report reveals that those same countries poured tens of billions of dollars more into fossil fuels in the last year than they spent supporting renewable […]

June 3rd

In new film, Greta Thunberg connects the dots between animal exploitation, climate crisis, and pandemics

A new short film featuring climate action leader Greta Thunberg highlights the connections between the climate crisis, ecological emergency, and the Covid-19 pandemic as well as other public health crises that are likely to arise from humans’ exploitation of animals—and explains how communities and policymakers can repair people’s relationship to wildlife while radically changing our […]

May 24th

Greenland ice sheet at the brink – May already be at climate tipping point

Researchers in Germany and Norway said Tuesday that a major portion of Greenland’s ice sheet is “at the brink” of reaching a frightening “tipping point”—the latest sign that global heating is causing irreversible damage to the world’s glaciers and that policymakers must halt fossil fuel emissions without further delay. By Julia Conley Common Dreams According to new […]

May 19th

Biden Admin approves largest offshore wind farm in US history

Climate scientists were among those who applauded the Biden administration Tuesday as the Interior Department announced the approval of the United States’ first large-scale offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The farm will include up to 84 turbines near Martha’s Vineyard and will generate enough energy to power 400,000 homes with 800 […]

May 12th

Supporters rally for Steven Donziger as Chevron’s trial aimed at silencing critics begins

Human rights defenders spoke at a rally in New York City Monday ahead of what they called a “show trial” for attorney Steven Donziger, who was held in contempt of court in 2019 by a prosecutor with ties to the fossil fuel industry. Donziger won (pdf) a historic $9.5 billion judgment against oil giant Chevron in 2013 over the […]

May 11th

Fracked gas IS a bridge… to tens of thousands of premature deaths

A new study by researchers at Harvard University confirmed Wednesday that natural gas and wood as energy sources—billed by proponents as “cleaner” alternatives to coal and oil—are a major threat to public health and are responsible for pollution which causes tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The study, published in […]

May 6th

Trump shoves through Orwellian rule that blocks EPA from using science

Public health and environmental science experts on Tuesday said the EPA’s newly-finalized rule limiting the research that can be used to pass regulations must be reversed by the incoming Biden administration, to end President Donald Trump’s “coddling of polluting industries.”   By Julia Conley Common Dreams  Basing its decision on what one former EPA scientist called a “conspiracy theory” […]

January 6th

Oil leases could be sold to drill for oil in ANWR tomorrow (unless judge rules agaibst today)

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge faces its biggest threat yet.” That’s the warning issued by the National Audubon Society on Tuesday—a day before the Trump administration is set to sell oil and gas leasing rights in the refuge’s coastal plain, a biodiversity hotspot of critical importance to the Gwich’in people and dubbed America’s Serengeti. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Bids were submitted by the […]

January 5th

More than ‘Build Back Better’: Climate groups tell Biden to ‘Build Back Fossil Free’

A coalition of environmental, racial, and economic justice groups call on President-elect Joe Biden to go beyond his vague campaign pledge to “build back better” from the coronavirus pandemic and  recession, and implement far-reaching policies to keep more fossil fuels in the ground and ramp up the renewable energy transition. By Julia Conley Common Dreams  […]

December 28th