Author: Kenny Stancil

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Biden goes for a gas tax holiday (but a windfall profits tax would work better)

As President Joe Biden on Wednesday prepares to urge Congress to temporarily suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes in a bid to ease pain at the pump, progressives are calling instead for the passage of Democratic lawmakers’ overwhelmingly popular bill to impose a windfall profits tax on Big Oil. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “Congress should take the president’s […]

June 23rd

Goldman Sachs predicts gas prices aren’t going down any time soon (Where’s the windfall profits tax?)

Progressives are arguing that Wall Street’s new prediction of worsening pain at the pump for U.S. consumers this summer underscores the need for Congress to pass Democratic lawmakers’ overwhelmingly popular bill to impose a windfall profits tax on Big Oil. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams According to analysts at Goldman Sachs, “oil prices will surge to […]

June 8th

CO2 hits highest levels in human history

There is more carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere than at any time in the past four million years, as the world’s continued dependence on fossil fuels keeps humanity hurtling toward a “global catastrophe,” officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned on Friday. The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii is a benchmark site for measuring […]

June 5th

Hawaii Youth Launch Landmark Climate Case Targeting Transportation Pollution

Fourteen young people on Wednesday filed a groundbreaking constitutional climate lawsuit against the Hawaii Department of Transportation and its director, Jade Butay; Hawaii Gov. David Ige; and the State of Hawaii. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams In Navahine F. v. Hawaii Department of Transportation—the world’s first constitutional climate lawsuit focused exclusively on combating transportation-related pollution—the youth plaintiffs argue that […]

June 4th

Oil in the backyard: More than 17 million Americans directly threatened by toxic fossil fuel infrastructure

Roughly 17.3 million people in the United States, including nearly four million children, live within a half-mile radius of active oil and gas production, which puts them at increased risk of suffering severe health problems from toxic air pollution. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams That’s according to the Oil & Gas Threat Map, a geospatial analysis released […]

May 25th

CA wildfires show how climate chaos even impacts the rich

As a fast-moving brush fire near Laguna Beach, California destroyed well over a dozen homes on Thursday—including five multimillion-dollar mansions—a prominent environmental researcher and advocate warned that the wealthy are not immune from the disastrous effects of the climate emergency, even as the fossil fuel-driven crisis harms the poor disproportionately. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams This is still MAY. We […]

May 14th

As India heatwave smashes records, experts warn we’re testing limits of human survivability

As record-breaking temperatures continue to pummel the Indian subcontinent—endangering the lives of millions of people and scorching crops amid a global food crisis—climate scientists and activists are warning that deadly public health crises of this sort will only grow worse as long as societies keep burning fossil fuels. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “This heatwave is definitely unprecedented,” Chandni […]

May 5th

Fight For Our Future: Rallies held across US for ‘Climate, Care, Jobs, and Justice’

People in communities around the United States took to the streets on Saturday to demand swift and bold legislative and executive action to tackle the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis as well as skyrocketing inequality. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams At “Fight for Our Future” rallies held in Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Atlanta, and more than 40 additional cities across the country, […]

April 25th

Sorry, Big Oil: Federal Court rules that climate lawsuit can go forward

A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that climate lawsuits filed by a half-dozen California municipalities seeking to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable for damages they knowingly caused should proceed in state court. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The unanimous ruling by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit marked the third […]

April 19th

Despite roadblocks by big oil, majority of Americans SUPPORT climate action

A survey published Monday shows that most adults in the U.S. support six proposals to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that lead to rising temperatures and increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather, a finding that comes as congressional lawmakers who own tens of millions of dollars worth of fossil fuel industry stocks continue to undermine climate action. By Kenny […]

April 16th

Ethanol is NOT the answer for high gas prices (and climate action)

As U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced a suspension of seasonal regulations on ethanol blending—part of a bid to lower gas prices—climate campaigners criticized the White House for pursuing what they characterized as an economically impotent and environmentally harmful policy instead of advocating for more effective and popular solutions: a windfall profits tax on Big Oil and […]

April 14th

Release of yesterday’s IPCC Report was delayed as rich nations tried to water down fossil fuel phaseout

The publication of the third and final part of the United Nations’ latest comprehensive climate assessment, originally scheduled for early Monday morning, was postponed by several hours after a contentious weekend of negotiations in which wealthy governments attempted to weaken statements about green financing for low-income nations and fossil fuel-producing countries objected to unequivocal language about the need […]

April 5th

Climate Risk will now be out in the open as Biden Admin’s SEC updates corporate disclosure rules

Environmental advocates celebrated after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission released a draft rule that would require publicly traded companies to assess how their activities contribute to the fossil fuel-driven climate crisis and disclose how worsening extreme weather and efforts to mitigate and adapt to it are likely to affect profitability—though they emphasized the need for […]

March 23rd