Author: Maria Surma Manka

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Colorado Lures Cleantech with Smart Policy

Can you have state envy? I do. Colorado is one of those states really forging ahead with smart clean energy policies that will not only cut global warming pollution and promote local energy sources, but help build a cleantech business sector as well. In fact, it’s already begun. Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems, one of the […]

March 31st

Branded Wind Farms: The American Way?

An eight-turbine wind farm will open in Panhandle, Texas in May. But instead of referring to it as “that Panhandle wind farm,” it will be have a branded, corporate name: “The Wege Wind Energy Farm, provided by Steelcase.” Huh? Steelcase, a large furniture company out of Michigan, has agreed ahead of time to buy all […]

March 24th

U.S. Law Complicates Canadian Oilsands

When the U.S. Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act last December, the bill included a passage that could effect Canada’s oilsands, and that has the Canadian government nervous. The law prohibits federal procurement of fuels that produce more global warming emissions than conventional sources. Canada is concerned because the fuel taken from the […]

March 20th

Loans for Coal Plants Suspended

Wow — the feds are suspending a major loan program for rural coal power plants, citing the risks of global warming regulations and rising construction costs at the rate of 30 percent a year. Coal plants are a big source of carbon dioxide (CO2), a major contributor to global warming and the electricity source for […]

March 11th