Author: Ranjit Arab

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Tangled Up in Green: The 3 a.m. Call That Didn’t Get Through

It looks like Hillary Clinton has another “3 a.m.” political ad out. This time it’s about the economy. I’m not sure what it is about these ads that have captured the nation’s imagination; John McCain has his own version of it, and, of course, it inspired scores of parodies on YouTube and among late-night talk […]

April 3rd

Tangled Up in Green: The Dangers of Using Food for Fuel

Who knew Stephen King was a prophet? No, I’m not talking about the demon-possessed hot rods (I think we all saw that coming). I’m talking about America’s zombie-like loyalty to a certain cash crop — one that has turned our entire nation into the children of the corn. Lately, of course, you can’t watch, read, […]

March 27th

Tangled Up in Green: The Five Years War

[UPDATE: After posting this, I was introduced to a wonderful piece on the same topic written by A Siegel for his blog Energy Smart. Please be sure to check out his post, too–it contains lots of great information.] We’ve got five years, stuck on my eyes Five years, what a surprise We’ve got five years, […]

March 21st

Tangled Up in Green: NAFTA…Only If We Absolutely Hafta

I don’t know if you caught it, but the whole Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama flap over NAFTA exposed a dirty little secret: The North American Free Trade Agreement isn’t about American jobs or cheap Mexican labor—it’s about Canadian oil. Think as far back as two weeks ago. I know you can do it. Remember, Britney’s dad […]

March 13th