Author: Kyle Field

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Tesla Model Y redesign inspired by toy car

The Tesla Model 3’s body was criticized by Sandy Munro in his early teardowns for an excessive amount of glued parts, unnecessary complexity, and potential failure points. “As Sandy accurately pointed out, the rear of the Model 3 looks like a patchwork quilt,” Musk said. “It’s not great.” Tesla improved upon this in the Model […]

April 15th

Five trends ushering in the age of EVs: BloombergNEF

At the BloombergNEF Summit in San Francisco last week, BNEF’s Colin McKerracher made a case for electric vehicles finally reaching the “end of the beginning” as businesses and consumers recognize and begin to embrace EVs en masse. By Kyle Field Cleantechnica McKerracher closed out his talk with a summary of the five “killer apps” that […]

February 21st

Tesla Powerwall 2: Everything you need to know

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the most advanced residential energy storage systems in the world, and the real magic behind it is the batteries. Tesla’s leadership in battery technology from the cell to the pack and into the finished products that utilize them highlights the fact that Tesla is truly not just an […]

February 10th

Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model Y EV

The Testla Model Y EV SUV stepped into the limelight last week at an event at Tesla’s Hawthorne Design Studio in Southern California. The event was attended by several hundred enthusiasts, referral program award winners, and media who came out from around the world to see the big reveal of the newest member of the […]

March 25th

Tesla finally opens up orders for its $35,000 Model 3

Tesla has officially announced that it is opening up ordering for the Standard Range Model 3. It will come to the market with an expected 220 miles of range and be available at the $35,000 price point. Combining that with the available federal, state, and local rebates makes the new Standard Range Tesla Model 3 […]

March 1st

Breakthrough wireless tech charges zero-emissions electric buses FAST. And saves $46k per year over diesel.

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority is peeling the plastic off of the first three high-speed wireless bus chargers for its network of zero-emissions buses this week. The three new inductive chargers will operate at 250 kW speeds that will allow its fleet of fully electric BYD buses roaming around their service area in Southern California […]

February 13th

Do you want an all-electric Fun Utility Vehicle? Of course you do!

Arcimoto, the designer and manufacturer of the fully electric, three-wheeled, two-seater Fun Utility Vehicle, has rolled out the fully loaded ‘FUV Evergreen Edition’ that comes with all sorts of new goodies to truly blow the lid off the FUV experience. By Kyle Field Cleantechnica The FUV Evergreen edition comes packed with options including heated seats […]

February 9th