Author: Tina Casey

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Community solar energy revolution brewing under the Coronavirus crisis

The US Department of Energy is doubling down on a commitment to ensure that every household and business in the US has access to renewable energy by 2025. Wait, what? That’s a rather bold move, considering President* Trump’s rather sour outlook on renewables. The secret sauce is the community solar model, and affordability — and […]

April 29th

New York blows past offshore wind limit with 1,000 (more) MW

In yet another indicator that COVID-19 will not stop the inevitable march of renewable energy into the sparkling green future, New York State just approved another 1,000 megawatts in offshore wind — and possibly much more, if all goes according to plan. That makes 2020 the second year in a row that the state’s wind […]

April 26th

GM invests big in solar energy (and starts building ventilators)

Renewable energy developers are wilting under the economic pressure attending the COVID-19 crisis, but major US clean energy buyers are still keeping the decarbonization movement going. In the latest news on that score, General Motors has just announced a new clean power investment of 500,000 MWh in solar through the Michigan utility DTE, even as it makes […]

April 21st

Tackling a huge CO2 emitter: The cement industry

The cement industry is eager to shed the mantle of World’s Single Largest Industrial Carbon Emitter and it looks like it is ready to pass the torch to somebody else. A new industry-supported demonstration plant is taking shape in Europe, aimed at shaving out a large slice of carbon emissions from the cement-making pie. As […]

April 8th