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9 Dem lawmakers urge DOJ to free Steven Donziger, whose Chevron-backed prosecution is a gross miscarriage of justice

Nine U.S. House Democrats on Monday urged the Justice Department to “take immediate action” to secure the release of Steven Donziger, a human rights attorney who helped thousands of Ecuadorians win a multibillion-dollar lawsuit against oil giant Chevron and is now incarcerated on a contempt of court charge that experts say is retaliatory—and which followed two years of pre-trial house arrest, a […]

December 1st

Woke-washing: No, fossil fuel propagandists are not heroes and martyrs

The fossil fuel industry is increasingly engaging in what Amy Westervelt described as “woke-washing.” It’s a form of reputational propaganda that wants you to believe that the industry responsible for inflicting a truly incredible amount of pain and pollution on poor and BIPOC communities is actually their savior and only hope for living happy, healthy […]

December 1st

Indigenous leaders hail Biden’s Chaco Canyon drilling ban as ‘Important first step’

A coalition of Southwestern Indigenous leaders applauded President Joe Biden and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland following the announcement of a proposed 20-year fossil fuel drilling ban around the sacred Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico—even as the administration auctioned off tens of millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas extraction. […]

November 28th

White people care less about the environment than everyone thinks they do

Americans substantially misperceive who is most concerned about protecting the environment and human health, and those misperceptions are consistent with white Americans’ lack of understanding of the gross inequities of environmental racism, FiveThirtyEight reports. By Nexus Media News Americans perceive young people, white people, and women as the most concerned about environmental issues, when in […]

November 27th

Thanksgiving: In ‘Gather’ documentary, indigenous food sovereignty Is on the menu

feast that symbolized an abiding pact between European colonists and Indigenous people to share the abundance of the land. But the reality of both historical and ongoing colonization, says Nephi Craig, White Mountain Apache, is that if you “want to attack a people and wipe them out—attack their food.” By Valerie Schloredt YES! magazine Consider […]

November 25th

Private equity firm sucked millions out of Warrior Coal. Now workers strike for fairness

As Alabama miners continue their seven-month strike against Warrior Met Coal, a trio of U.S. senators on Tuesday sent letters of inquiry to the private equity firms the lawmakers say “made off like bandits” after taking over the company while workers “endured severe cuts to pay and benefits” in order to ensure its success. By Brett […]

November 24th

Infrastructure law’s digital equity goals are key to smart cities that work for everyone

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed into law by President Joe Biden on Nov. 15, 2021, differs from past infrastructure investments not only in its size but also its emphasis on addressing long-standing and persistent racial injustice. This major investment comes at a time when smart-city initiatives, which aim to use technology to make […]

November 22nd

Dr James Hansen: We need a carbon fee more than a Green New Deal

The eyes of history may see 2021 as a turning point for human-made climate change.  Hyperbole?  Maybe not.  Today is a potential turning point because the public now sees the reality of climate change.  Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, in questioning the Green New Deal “climate plan,” give Joe Biden the chance to make […]

November 22nd

The House passage of the Build Back Better Act puts us closer to a brighter future for all our children

The Bible instructs us to leave a good inheritance to future generations (Proverbs 13:22). With this week’s passage of the Build Back Better Act in the House of Representatives, we are one step closer to giving our children a bright and healthy future that we can be proud to pass down. By Rev Mitch Hescox […]

Dem lawmakers, climate groups urge Biden Admin to support children’s climate suit

Four dozen federal lawmakers and scores of advocacy groups on Thursday sent President Joe Biden and other leaders within his administration letters in support of the yearslong climate case that accuses the U.S. government of violating young Americans’ constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, and failing to protect essential public trust resources. By Jessica Corbett […]

November 21st

The infrastructure bill has billions to replace lead pipes in water systems. Newark shows the rest of the US how it can be done.

Faced with a lead crisis that drew comparisons to Flint, Michigan’s, some people have called Newark, New Jersey’s response a “national model.” Still, eliminating lead from drinking water nationwide will not be an easy task. By Lynne Peeples Ensia In July 2018, tests showed that the drinking water supply serving Yvette Jordan’s home in Newark, […]

November 15th

COP26 deal: How rich countries failed to meet their obligations to the rest of the world

COP26, the recently concluded UN climate change conference in Glasgow, marked a critical turning point in global politics. From now on, the issue of climate justice will be unavoidable for rich countries. Lisa Vanhala, UCL The Conversation The Glasgow Climate Pact “urges” rich countries like the US (referred to as “developed countries” in the text) […]

November 14th

COP26: Taking it to the streets

At the time of this writing, negotiators in Glasgow are scrambling to finalize an agreement for this year’s COP 26 climate talks. They’re expected to work through Sunday. If you’d like the headlines, you can find some helpful links below. By Jessica Hamilton Climate Hawks Vote But it’s a beautiful autumn day here in Colorado, […]

November 14th

Action Alert: Tell CA to stop rubber stamping extinction! Support racial equality for salmon tribes

Last year during the height of California’s Drought, the California State Water Quality Control Board approved a plan that allowed the federal government to enact the Trump Water Plan without meeting California clean water laws, according to Regina Chichizola of Save California Salmon. This plan allowed over 80% of baby salmon to be killed in […]

November 14th

COP26: More than 100,000 take to the streets on Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

As diplomats from wealthy countries continue to say “blah, blah, blah” at COP26, over 100,000 people growing increasingly impatient with empty promises and inaction marched through Glasgow on Saturday, with thousands more hitting the streets in cities around the world during roughly 300 simultaneous demonstrations on a Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams “Many […]

November 7th