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Conservationists applaud Biden plan to reverse Trump attack on Tongass National Forest

Indigenous rights and climate action groups on Friday welcomed the Biden administration’s announcement that the Department of Agriculture will “repeal or replace” former President Donald Trump’s assault on Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, in which a 20-year-old rule protecting wild lands was revoked three months before Trump left office. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Trump’s rollback of the 2001 […]

June 13th

Stop Line 3 Pipeline: DHS helicopters terrorize indigenous protestors

They headed out to a construction site to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience – and the Department of Homeland Security sent helicopters to hover 20 feet above them. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote Tell DHS: Helicopters are not weapons to be deployed against peaceful protestors. On Monday, 2,000 climate hawks from across the country […]

June 11th

Maine lawmakers pass landmark bill to divest from fossil fuels

Climate action advocate Bill McKibben welcomed a development he called “a gift to the planet” after Maine state lawmakers on Tuesday passed a groundbreaking bill committing the state to divesting its assets from the fossil fuel industry. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams LD 99—”An Act to Require the State to Divest Itself of Assets Invested in […]

June 11th

With KXL dead, pressure intensifies for Biden to kill Line 3 pipeline

Seizing the momentum after a day of major direct action against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline in northern Minnesota, Indigenous and green groups on Wednesday stepped up their pressure on President Joe Biden to honor Native American treaties and protect the environment and climate by stopping the toxic project. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The climate advocacy […]

June 10th

Why the climate movement must do more to mobilise older people

Some say age is only a number. Others associate age with wisdom. Or perhaps it is a state of mind. Whatever it is, age is a factor in climate progress, and 2021’s renewed climate momentum must mobilise the oft-overlooked elderly demographic. By Aled Jones, Anglia Ruskin University and Bradley Hiller, Anglia Ruskin University The Conversation […]

#StopLine3 Protesters Appeal to Biden on Historic Day of Action

In what organizers are calling the largest-ever demonstration of its kind in Minnesota history, more than 2,000 Indigenous-led water protectors on Monday continued nonviolent, direct action protests against the planned replacement and expansion of Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams Stop Line 3 campaigners said over 1,000 water protectors marched with Indigenous leaders to […]

June 8th

Amnesty International calls G7 climate plan fail a devastating assault on human rights

Ahead of this week’s G7 summit, Amnesty International decried the inadequacy of wealthy nations’ climate action plans as a colossal human rights failure and delivered a blueprint for policymakers to urgently change course to avert “impending catastrophe” and uphold their international obligations. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams “The unambitious climate plans submitted by G7 members represent […]

June 7th

Water Protectors gather for ‘Largest resistance yet’ to Line 3 pipeline as Enbridge accelerates construction

Thousands of people from across the nation are traveling to northern Minnesota this weekend to join Indigenous leaders in what organizers described as the “largest resistance yet” to Line 3, an Enbridge-owned tar sands pipeline whose construction has accelerated in recent days as opponents warn the project poses a threat to waterways and the climate. We’ve got over 1000 people […]

June 7th

Minimum Viable Planet: The planetary penumbra (for climate)

Hello! Penumbra is a neat word, isn’t it? It sounds like Harry Potter spellery, a tiny incantation that Hermione would utter to make writing implements appear. Pen…umbra! By Sarah Lazarovic Minimum Viable Planet Beyond its original, shadowy definition, the academics Andrew Gelman and Yotam Margalit propose a fresh meaning for this excellent word: The political influence of a group […]

June 5th

‘Negotiate With Us, Not the GOP’: Sunrise activists rally at White House to protest Biden’s climate compromise

As President Joe Biden looks to cut an infrastructure deal with Senate Republicans by dramatically curtailing the size and scope of his American Jobs Plan, activists with the youth-led Sunrise Movement gathered outside the White House Friday morning to make clear that compromising on climate action to appease the GOP is unacceptable. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Varshini […]

June 5th

Despite worst drought since 1977 and risk to endangered salmon, California keeps sending more water to Big Ag

As endangered winter-run Chinook salmon die before spawning below Keswick Dam, a coalition of environmental, fishing, and social justice organizations yesterday filed a formal protest with state and federal water officials against the proposed “Temporary Urgency Change Petition” (TUCP) submitted by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and United States Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation). By […]

June 5th