Cleantech Revolution

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Sanders, Pressley launch ‘Renew New England’ to elect candidates committed to Green New Deal and jobs guarantee

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ayanna Pressley joined 1,700 people Tuesday evening to launch Renew New England, a coalition of grassroots volunteers and advocates fighting to elect candidates across the U.S. northeast region who are committed to a rapid shift to renewable energy as part of a broader move toward economic equality and justice. By […]

July 2nd

Green New Deal: Keep the eye on the prize!

I have the privilege and honor of covering some really cool products, events, and people on CleanTechnica, and that makes it really easy to get caught up in the hype. A new car, a faster charging system, a longer-range e-bike, an internet-connected indoor air quality monitor, yeah, ok, so we’re geeks, but we’re cool with […]

March 20th

Cleantech Revolution: Data centers have a role to play in meeting renewable energy goals

What is the environmental impact of paying by Visa? Participating in a Zoom conference call? Reading this article? The information we transmit and store through the seemingly invisible Internet is physically housed in data centers, or facilities companies use for their routers, switches, servers, and other systems vital to operation. Data centers can be massive […]

February 28th

Amy Klobuchar needs to learn messaging – and stop trash-talking the Green New Deal

One of the most disappointing things about centrist Democrats is the way they think they have to trash-talk Democratic policies in order to win over non-existent “moderate centrist voters”. Prime example: Despite the growing blue wave last year, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill ran ads explaining that she wasn’t one of “Those crazy Democrats”. For some […]

February 20th

Does the EV clean revolution include fossil fuel dinosaurs like Shell and BP?

The EV world stops when it’s time for a Tesla shareholder call, but another significant development occurred in late January when Shell New Energies US, LLL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell, acquired Greenlots, an electric car charging software and hardware company. The acquisition raises questions about fossil-fuel companies and their approach with the electric vehicle charging […]

February 16th

Oil oligarchs are ruining the world and murdering journalists. What are you going to do about it?

I’d normally save a piece like this for the weekend, but the news this morning was disgusting. In case you missed it, one of Donald Trump’s closest friends and advisors, head of his under-investigation inauguratal committee, basically gave Saudi Arabia a pass on murdering and dismembering a Washington Post journalist, US resident Jamal Khashoggi. By Zachary Shahan […]

February 15th