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Renewable Roundup: Big batteries for big grid stability

Remember how the climate change denialists told us that intermittent renewables would destroy grid stability? Now we find that stabilizing the frequency with grid-scale batteries and DC-AC inverters is of at least equal importance. Grid operators pay real money for it. We have of course been talking about using grid-scale battery and other storage for […]

May 14th

Renewable Roundup: Big banks lining up to finance big batteries

We’ve reached a significant tipping point in how the battery storage market is financed, shifting from expensive private equity investments to ordinary bank finance. Which will be another factor leading to a terawatt of storage by 2040. By Mokurai Banks Finally Start to Spend Big on Giant Batteries Once reluctant to finance big projects, lenders […]

May 14th

Energy storage ramps up to bury coal and natural gas

Everybody knows that coal is on the way out, but the latest electricity report from BloombergNEF is something of a shocker. It casts a shadow of gloom over natural gas, too. Low-cost renewables are creeping into gas territory, helped along by falling costs for energy storage. In fact, according to BNEF, energy storage is now a cheaper […]

May 1st

Tesla virtual power plant in Australia is exceeding expectations

Last year, Tesla, with the cooperation of the South Australian government, installed rooftop solar systems coupled with Powerwall residential storage batteries on over 1,000 low-income homes. The Powerwalls are linked together into what is known as a virtual power plant. It’s just like a grid-scale storage battery except instead of being all at one location, it […]

April 9th

New York allocates $280 million for energy storage

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced $280 million in support for energy storage projects last week, aimed at accelerating the growth of the energy storage industry and driving down the cost of deploying energy storage projects. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica Announced during Earth Week, the $280 million for energy storage is part of a […]

April 29th

Tesla’s vision of the future: Solar + battery storage + EVs

Part of investors’ fascination with Tesla has long been the company’s focus on the evolution of manufacturing hardware and software. The plan to integrate energy generation and storage — to “create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage,” as described in Master Plan, Part Deux — has also provided allure. Sure, the Tesla acquisition of SolarCity […]

April 8th