Climate Change

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Less snow, more rain in store for the Arctic, study finds

The Arctic is often thought of as a cold, white and snowy region, but this image is rapidly changing. The Arctic is currently warming much faster than the rest of the planet and is experiencing rapid sea ice loss. Michelle McCrystall, University of Manitoba The Conversation As a climate scientist and modeller, I am interested […]

December 3rd

Ecoright climate news for the week of December 3

Hello, readers and welcome back! I hope you survived climate conversations over Thanksgiving dinner and that your pies came out better than mine. If you bookmarked the caramel apple pie recipe Wen sent after voting in our poll, just cross it off your to bake list. ⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Do not recommend. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN I do recommend […]

December 3rd

John Stossel attacks fact checkers because now he can’t supplement Koch funding with as much Facebook ad $

When a referee calls a personal foul, do you respect it and clean up your act, or do you double down and attack the ref? Obviously there are bad calls made occasionally, but if every time a call is made against you, you take the refs from the basketball court to a courtroom crying defamation, […]

December 3rd

‘Hunker down’ is not enough: 2021 hurricane season showed US isn’t prepared as climate-related disasters push people deeper into poverty

Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2021, 16 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina flooded the city. This time the levees held. Billions of dollars invested in reinforcing them had paid off – at least for part of the population. A strong similarity between Ida and Katrina still emerged: Low-income communities and […]

December 2nd

Since Congress lifted the crude oil export ban in 2015, US has dropped a climate bomb on the world

After Congress lifted a ban on crude exports in late 2015, oil and gas production in the Permian Basin soared while domestic consumption remained flat—leading to a massive build-out of pipelines and other infrastructure that culminated in the U.S. “flooding global markets” with fossil fuels at the expense of humanity, in general, and vulnerable Gulf Coast communities already […]

December 2nd

True cause of climate change revealed! “A ‘Severe Wobble’ of Earth Will Soon Reveal Hidden Planet Nibiru”

Last month, conservative propaganda shop PragerU published a video featuring Steve Koonin, and just like basically everything else he’s ever said about climate, it was swiftly fact-checked and one of his key claims about Greeland’s ice melt was found “mostly false” by Politifact. But of course Facebook’s Instagram didn’t actually do anything but put a tiny note […]

December 2nd

How global business could be the unexpected COP26 solution to climate change

Despite environmentalists accusing COP26 of “greenwashing,” broad disappointment with the final conference statement as too little too late and an ambivalent Global South, there is still hope for climate change solutions from an unlikely place — global business. The goal of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), launched in April 2021, is to […]

December 1st

Climate Crisis: Avoiding temperature overshoot reduces multiple climate change risks

Allowing global temperatures to temporarily “overshoot” end-of-century targets will drive greater economic loss and more severe climate impacts than staying below these targets throughout the century, new research says. Many future pathways for meeting the 1.5C and 2C warming targets by 2100 project that global temperatures will exceed these goals in the short term – […]

December 1st

Woke-washing: No, fossil fuel propagandists are not heroes and martyrs

The fossil fuel industry is increasingly engaging in what Amy Westervelt described as “woke-washing.” It’s a form of reputational propaganda that wants you to believe that the industry responsible for inflicting a truly incredible amount of pain and pollution on poor and BIPOC communities is actually their savior and only hope for living happy, healthy […]

December 1st

Citizens’ Climate Radio: Hospitality in a time of climate change

We live in a world with stronger and more frequent extreme weather events. As a result, giving and receiving hospitality is becoming the new normal for humans. By Citizens’ Climate Lobby Citizens’ Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano speaks with public theologian Jayme R. Reaves and public health expert Dr. Natasha DeJarnett (pictured above). What are […]

November 30th

The average person’s daily choices can still make a big difference in fighting climate change – and getting governments and utilities to tackle it, too

The average American’s everyday interactions with energy sources are limited. They range from turning appliances on or off, to commuting, to paying utility bills. The connections between those acts and rising global temperatures may seem distant. However, individuals hold many keys to unlocking solutions to climate change – the biggest challenge our species currently faces […]

November 27th

New study reveals Arctic ocean warming for over a century

New research published Wednesday revealed the Arctic Ocean has been warming for decades longer than scientists previously understood, raising fresh concerns as the polar region faces the growing threat of a total loss of the seasonal ice that is crucial to the survival of the imperiled marine ecosystem. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams A study published in Science Advances found […]

November 27th

Melting Arctic sea ice linked to worsening wildfire hazard in western US

Arctic sea ice melt has driven an increase in “fire-favourable weather” across the western US over the past four decades, according to new research. The study, published in Nature Communications, finds that low Arctic sea ice levels during July to October have knock-on impacts in the atmosphere that push the jet stream northwards. This tends to […]

November 26th

Minimum Viable Planet: Unpacking our anger at climate mismanagement (Rage against the frying of the night!)

Writes Lisa: As someone who has been working on climate and environmental justice issues for decades, I have climate anger. And that anger fuels my activism. It could be my age. I lived through the Reagan presidency in the US, where he kept talking about Armageddon and had access to nuclear bombs. I’d appreciate to […]

November 25th

With his coal holdings exposed, Matt “Sub-Prime” Ridley now pushing covid conspiracies instead of climate denial

About six years ago, British landed gentry Matt Ridley was a recurring voice in climate denial-land, penning long opinion pieces about the never-not-debunked pause in warming, criticizing the now-repeatedly-reproven hockey stick graph and otherwise leeching credibility from legitimate science institutions. But DeSmog’s revelation that his pro-coal and anti-climate lobbying might stem from the millions in annual fees from coal mines on his family estate seemed to put a damper on his eagerness to publish […]

November 24th