Climate Change

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Greenland ice sheet shrunk for 25th year straight in 2021

“2021 is the 25th year in a row in which Greenland’s ice sheet lost more mass during the course of the melting season than it gained during the winter.” That’s according to the latest report from Polar Portal, a website featuring observations from Danish research institutions that monitor the Greenland Ice Sheet and the sea ice […]

January 11th

“The Tantrum that Saved the World”: new climate book for kids by Michael Mann coming in March

The great Jane Fonda on “The Tantrum that Saved the World” by Megan Herbert & me, due out March 15: “A wonderful and important book bringing the climate crisis and what to do about it to youngsters.” By Michael Mann “Check out this book, and let’s get to work.” —BILL NYE, The Science Guy You […]

January 10th

Is Facebook consulting Ryan Maue, a climate denier too dishonest for even the Trump administration?

In late 2020, a faltering, one-term, failed coup leader and washed-up reality TV host Donald Trump brought two climate deniers into his fact-adverse, racist, and violence-stoking administration: David Legates and Ryan Maue. The pair then did something incredible. When Legates and Maue slapped an official White House seal onto a bunch of climate denial pamphlets they’d produced, it proved a […]

January 10th

Climate chaos is NOW: 2021 saw a crazy number of new heat records

Last year saw record-breaking high temperatures recorded at more than 400 weather stations around the world, with meteorologists voicing alarm over what climate scientists say is the shape of things to come, according to a report published Friday. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The Guardian reports that 10 countries—Canada, Dominica, Italy, Morocco, Oman, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, the United […]

January 9th

California’s Cap-and-Trade System show the limits of market-based climate action

California has cast itself as a leader in the fight against climate change and global warming. The state set the stage for its transition to a low-carbon economy with the passage of AB32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which called for a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, and ultimately […]

January 8th

EcoRight climate news for the week of January 7 2022

Welcome to 2022! I hope your holidays were restful and rejuvenating. It’s so good to have you back for another year of good times and climate conversations. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must read: We have two reads for you as you wrap up your week. The first, sadly, is behind a paywall, […]

January 7th

Earth Matters: Colorado River water disaster affects millions, including Western Tribes

More than a half-century ago, Tom Bell of Lander, Wyoming, bought a weekly recreational newsletter and eventually turned it into a shoestring operation called High Country News. He soon extended its coverage of the environmental crisis that he saw plaguing his state and much of the rest of the American West. Based in Colorado since the early 1980s, […]

January 7th

WaPo imagines EVs stuck in snow instead of gas cars (Echoing climate and science-denier trolls)

No one wants to get stuck in traffic. Or in the snow. Getting stuck in an all-day traffic jam because it snowed, well, that’s pretty much the worst. And that’s exactly what happened in Virginia this week, when thousands of people spent all day stuck on the highway after a severe snowstorm turned a jackknifed […]

Green groups tell Congress: Protecting US democracy and climate action are ‘Inseparable,’

As people across the United States this week look back on last year’s January 6 insurrection, environmental advocacy groups came together to remind federal lawmakers and President Joe Biden that efforts to protect U.S. democracy and tackle the climate emergency are fundamentally connected. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams One year ago at 5:04pm, I took this photo of […]

January 7th

‘Don’t Look Up’: Hollywood’s primer on climate denial illustrates 5 myths that fuel rejection of science

Every disaster movie seems to open with a scientist being ignored. “Don’t Look Up” is no exception – in fact, people ignoring or flat out denying scientific evidence is the point. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence play astronomers who make a literally Earth-shattering discovery and then try to persuade the president to take action to […]

January 6th

Dr Michael Mann discusses “Don’t Look Up” with co-writer David Sirota on the Mehdi Hasan Show (Video)

From last night’s MSNBC / Peacock TV The Mehdi Hasan Show w/ #DontLookUp co-writer David Sirota & Mehdi Hasan | Topic: The absurdity and existential threat of #climatecrisis denial as laid bare by the film (and my newfound status as international sex symbol) By Dr. Michael Mann I think Mehdi would have liked to have […]

January 6th

Climate chaos: Get ready for hurricanes striking NYC and Boston as oceans warm

Global heating caused by human activity could warm oceans enough to fuel hurricanes and tropical storms that strike cities as far north as Boston, a new study projects.   By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams “This represents an important, under-estimated risk of climate change,” Joshua Studholme of Yale University, the study’s lead author, said in a statement. “This research predicts […]

January 6th

Corey Doctorow: Neal Stephenson takes aim at geoengineering in his latest, “Termination Shock”

“Termination Shock” is Neal Stephenson’s ambitious, sprawling, engrossing latest novel – the tale of an eccentric Texas truck-stop magnate who unilaterally begins a program of geoengineering in a bid to cool the Earth by doping the stratosphere with sulfur. By Corey Doctorow Pluralistic As you’d expect from a Neal Stephenson novel, Termination Shock bristles with […]

January 5th

Climate Brief: Himalayan glaciers are melting down, evaluating Joe Biden and Harry Reid

The world’s tallest mountains are home to the third largest deposits of ice and snow on the planet after the Arctic and Antarctic. The meltwater from its many glaciers feed numerous rivers including Asia’s longest, the Yangtze. According to a study published by scientists at the UK University of Leeds—Accelerated mass loss of Himalayan glaciers […]

January 5th

Citizens’ Climate Radio: Experiencing climate data through art

How can we help the public embrace the science that reveals our climate has been changing dramatically and very quickly? And more than that, how do we make them feel and experience the data so profoundly that it causes them to respond? These are the questions UK-born artist Caroline Roberts brings to this month’s episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio, and […]