Sustainable development

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The importance of a regenerative food system

To grow food, we need soil. Even with modern technology enabling systems like hydroponics to grow crops, humanity needs soil to produce enough food for the global population. Unfortunately, many modern farming techniques have destroyed soil or depleted it. One sobering report warns that all topsoil could be gone in the next 60 years if agriculture continues […]

September 23rd

What makes people switch to reusable cups? It’s not discounts, it’s what others do

People are more likely to use re-usable coffee cups if they see others doing it, or if cafe owners charge extra for throwaway coffee cups, our research has found. Sukhbir Sandhu, University of South Australia; Robert Crocker, University of South Australia, and Sumit Lodhia, University of South Australia The Conversation Our study also found people […]

September 21st

Is food grown hydroponically as healthy as soil-grown crops?

Hydroponically grown lettuce has claimed a spot next to the organic variety in the grocery store, causing consumers to wonder which is healthier. When comparing hydroponic produce to regular soil-grown crops, it depends. Numerous scientific studies have reached varying conclusions, some showing hydroponic tomatoes have more vitamin C and others concluding they are lower in […]

September 20th

What’s aquaponics, and how could it help sustainable farming?

Aquaponics is a hydroponics system that utilizes aquaculture to grow plants. Aquaculture, also known as fish farming, allows farmers to breed and harvest both fresh and saltwater species with controlled conditions. In aquaponic systems, fish waste is converted into nutrients for vegetables using bacteria. The entire process is environmentally friendly, saves water and creates no […]

September 5th

Proving ‘A Different World Is Possible,’ Exxon dropped from Dow Jones after 92-year run

Climate campaigners on Tuesday marked a major milestone in the fight to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and transition to a green energy economy as ExxonMobil was dropped from the S&P Dow Jones Industrial Average after nearly a century. The oil giant, the oldest member of the Dow, was replaced on the index by software company Salesforce as more […]

August 26th

Can the commercial fishing industry learn to operate as a sustainable business?

Commercial fishing has received a great deal of negative press in recent years, and for good reason. Overfishing has significantly affected marine life, hurt vulnerable populations and damaged sensitive ecosystems. However, proactive improvements can turn commercial fishing into a sustainable industry that does not harm the environment. By Emily Folk Fish serves as a nutritious […]

August 25th