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Court rules EPA screwed up by approving GMO salmon

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled Thursday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) violated core environmental laws in approving the genetically engineered salmon. The Court ruled that FDA ignored the serious environmental consequences of approving genetically engineered salmon and the full extent of plans to grow and commercialize the […]

November 9th

Why is the FDA ending the import ban on GMO “Frankenfish” salmon?

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it will lift the import ban on eggs of AquaBounty’s genetically modified salmon product, drawing praise from the company and strong criticism from fishing organizations. By Dan Bacher Both the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association and the Golden Gate Salmon Association blasted the decision and vowed they […]

March 10th

Autism linked to PCBs (thank you, Monsanto)

By Jeremy Bloom We’re still a long way from finding out what causes autism, but a new study seems to have identified one piece of the puzzle: Exposure to a class of chemicals called PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls). The researchers were able to examine records of women who had had blood drawn during pregnancy to assess […]

August 23rd

Monsanto to pay $46 million to victims of PCB poisoning

(ANTIMEDIA) St. Louis, Missouri — Three plaintiffs have been awarded $17.5 million in damages caused by Monsanto and three other companies for negligence in the production of PCBs. A jury voting 10-2 in St. Louis found Monsanto, Pfizer, Solutia, and Pharmacia must pay the plaintiffs and assessed an additional $29 million in punitive damages against […]

FDA okays Frankenfish – coming soon to YOUR dinner table

By Dan Bacher The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 19 approved genetically engineered salmon, “Frankenfish,” as being “safe” for human consumption, in spite of massive public opposition to the decision. The Golden Gate Salmon Association (GGSA) announced it was “disappointed” in the decision, joining a broad coalition of fishing groups, environmental organizations, […]

December 3rd

Scotland says NO to GMOs

Scotland has grown the long list of countries officially banning GMO crops. “Scotland is known around the world for our beautiful natural environment, said Richard Lochhead, the Scottish government’s minister for the environment, food and rural affairs, “and banning growing genetically modified crops will protect and further enhance our clean, green status.” “The Scottish government […]

August 19th

New Monsanto Protection Act – this time in Hawaii

Monsanto loves Hawaii. It’s a great place to test  new GMO crops – with a long growing season and a very big ocean on all sides (but hey, what could go wrong?). But Hawaii doesn’t love Monsanto quite as much, and three counties have passed laws limiting both GMO planting and use of Monsanto’s signature […]

February 4th

Italy kicks out Monsanto’s GMO corn. US can’t even get LABELLING.

Italy’s Agriculture Ministry is looking to ban one of Monsanto’s last legal genetically modified (GMO) crops in Europe. Backed by two other ministries and riding a wave of 80 percent public support, the only question is – what has Italy got that we haven’t got? Nation of Change reports: A decree has been signed which will ban […]

July 23rd

Why is the US government pushing other countries to buy GMOs?

Our sister blog, Eat Drink Better, notes with disgust the way our tax dollars are being spent to basically shill for Monsanto and their GMO food products overseas. “A new report reveals U.S. government officials routinely acted as PR reps for Monsanto, to ‘twist the arms’ of small countries in order to sell biotechnology products around the […]

July 2nd

With Monsanto refusing to cooperate, how can we study GMOs?

We can expect to see a lot of debate about the new study of pigs fed on a Genetically Modified (GMO) grain diet. On the one hand, a lot more pigs had severe stomach inflammation on GMO feed than on conventional. On the other hand, “moderate” inflammation seemed to be more heavily concentrated among the […]

June 17th

Monsanto is bailing out of Europe. Protests work!

When thousands marched last month to protest Monsanto’s dominance of agriculture in the US with their dangerous GMO seeds, a lot of people didn’t even bother. Everybody knows protests and demonstrations don’t actually accomplish anything, right? Well guess what? Sometimes they work. Monsanto admitted yesterday that they are not going to apply for approval of […]

June 3rd

Supreme Court hands Monsanto the farm

In a huge disappointment to organic food and non-GMO activists, the Supreme Court gave Monsanto a huge victory this morning. There had been some hope that they would re-evaluate the crazy notion that companies can patent life-forms. It is, after all, an idea that would have been laughed at by the founding fathers of this […]

May 13th

Can we get GMO labeling? Monsanto hates the new Right-to-Know Bill

Do Americans have the right to know what’s in our food? Do we have the right to choose to NOT eat Genetically Modified (GMO) food? The next round in the years-long battle has begun, as Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Congressman Pete DeFazio (D-OR) introduce the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act (read the Senate bill here, House bill here). […]

April 30th