Fossil Fuels

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‘Fossil Fuel Exit Strategy’ shows transition to renewable energy future totally doable

Ditching fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy in order to keep warming below the 1.5ºC threshold is both “necessary and technically feasible.” That’s the conclusion of an analysis released Thursday entitled Fossil Fuel Exit Strategy. Produced by the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures in cooperation with the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, the report states clearly […]

June 12th

Stop Line 3 Pipeline: DHS helicopters terrorize indigenous protestors

They headed out to a construction site to engage in nonviolent civil disobedience – and the Department of Homeland Security sent helicopters to hover 20 feet above them. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote Tell DHS: Helicopters are not weapons to be deployed against peaceful protestors. On Monday, 2,000 climate hawks from across the country […]

June 11th

Maine lawmakers pass landmark bill to divest from fossil fuels

Climate action advocate Bill McKibben welcomed a development he called “a gift to the planet” after Maine state lawmakers on Tuesday passed a groundbreaking bill committing the state to divesting its assets from the fossil fuel industry. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams LD 99—”An Act to Require the State to Divest Itself of Assets Invested in […]

June 11th

Can Biden break Big Banks’ bond with fossil fuels?

The climate crisis will affect every aspect of our society—the financial sector very much included. We no longer live in the stable climate that our economy was built upon. In fact, economists and major investors warn that the climate crisis already poses a systemic risk to our financial system. By Michael Brune Sierra Club The […]

June 10th

With KXL dead, pressure intensifies for Biden to kill Line 3 pipeline

Seizing the momentum after a day of major direct action against the Line 3 tar sands pipeline in northern Minnesota, Indigenous and green groups on Wednesday stepped up their pressure on President Joe Biden to honor Native American treaties and protect the environment and climate by stopping the toxic project. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The climate advocacy […]

June 10th

Keystone XL pipeline is finally dead (after a 15-year fight)

After more than a decade of grassroots organizing, agitation, and tireless opposition by the international climate movement, the final nail was slammed into the Keystone XL’s coffin Wednesday afternoon when the company behind the transnational tar sands pipeline officially pulled the plug on its plans.   By Jon Queally Common Dreams Following consultation with Canadian officials and regulators—including “its partner, […]

June 10th

Amnesty International calls G7 climate plan fail a devastating assault on human rights

Ahead of this week’s G7 summit, Amnesty International decried the inadequacy of wealthy nations’ climate action plans as a colossal human rights failure and delivered a blueprint for policymakers to urgently change course to avert “impending catastrophe” and uphold their international obligations. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams “The unambitious climate plans submitted by G7 members represent […]

June 7th

Water Protectors gather for ‘Largest resistance yet’ to Line 3 pipeline as Enbridge accelerates construction

Thousands of people from across the nation are traveling to northern Minnesota this weekend to join Indigenous leaders in what organizers described as the “largest resistance yet” to Line 3, an Enbridge-owned tar sands pipeline whose construction has accelerated in recent days as opponents warn the project poses a threat to waterways and the climate. We’ve got over 1000 people […]

June 7th

Who’s dumb enough to fall for Big Oil’s greenwashing? Old climate deniers angry that API talks about ’emissions’

On Tuesday, the Koch-y RealClearEnergy ran an op-ed by American Petroleum Institute CEO Mike Sommers that tried to spin the Koch-y Colonial Pipeline operator’s decision to protect its billing process by shutting down gas shipping as a justification for further support of “abundant homegrown energy.” By Climate Denier Roundup The piece is standard industry cheerleading, jumping on the “this is like […]

Buden and Haaland block Trump’s stupid plan for oil drilling in ANWR

Environmental campaigners in Alaska and across the country are cautiously celebrating the Biden administration’s Tuesday decision to suspend some fossil fuel drilling leases that were sold in the Arctic shortly before former President Donald Trump left office while also calling on Congress to provide permanent protections to one of the planet’s most biodiverse places. By Jessica […]

June 2nd