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Keep it in the Ground: New multimedia report details unprecedented ‘Permian Climate Bomb’ in Texas

With oil and gas executives looking to increase fossil fuel production in the Permian Basin in the coming years despite the climate crisis, a new multimedia report out Tuesday reveals how a major fracking boom in Texas endangers vulnerable communities from New Mexico to the Gulf Coast—and ultimately poses a threat to life on Earth. By Kenny Stancil […]

October 20th

ExxonMobil convinced the Obama EPA to allow toxic PFAS precursor chemicals in fracking fluid

The EPA approved dangerous chemicals that break down into PFAS for use in fracking in 2011, according to records obtained by Physicians for Social Responsibility and reported by the New York Times. Despite EPA scientists having identified preliminary evidence that the toxic, carcinogenic, and birth-defect-linked substances could degrade into those ‘forever chemicals’ and persist in […]

July 14th

In big first, California’s oil and gas regulatory agency denies all 21 Aera Energy fracking permit applications

The California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM), the state’s oil and gas regulatory agency, today announced it has denied all 21 of Aera Energy’s applications for fracking operations in California, citing risks to public health and safety and environmental quality and climate change under regulatory statutes. By Dan Bacher “This is the first permit denial of this scale for reasons related […]

July 10th

You can’t drink oil: 1.8 billion gallons of freshwater were used for fracking and drilling in CA since Fall 2018

In a new report, Food and Water Research reveals that since Governor Newsom was elected, from Fall 2018 to June 2021, the oil and gas industry used 1,804,566,792 gallons of freshwater, nearly 2 billion gallons, for drilling operations that could otherwise have supplied domestic systems. By Dan Bacher For a comparison of what that looks like, the nearly 2 billion gallons of […]

July 8th

315 elected officials say Gov Newsom must declare climate emergency to save CA water from fracking

The California Chapter of Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA California), a coalition of 315 elected officials from across the state, say it’s time to stop the drilling and production of oil and gas to save our water for needed use as a heat wave is expected to hit on the July Fourth weekend. By […]

July 1st

Restoring land around abandoned oil and gas wells would free up millions of acres of forests, farmlands and grasslands

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan proposes to spend US$16 billion plugging old oil and gas wells and cleaning up abandoned mines. But there’s no authoritative measure of how many of these sites exist across the nation. By Matthew D. Moran, Hendrix College The Conversation In a recent study, my colleagues and I sought to account […]

June 24th

Urban oil wells linked to asthma and other health problems in Los Angeles

When California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a goal to phase out oil drilling statewide by 2045, he focused on its impact on climate change. But oil drilling is also a health problem, particularly in Los Angeles, where thousands of oil wells still dot the city. These wells can emit toxic chemicals such as benzene and […]

California releases broad draft rule to ban fracking by 2024

On Friday, CalGEM, the oil and gas regulatory agency for California, released the first draft of its rulemaking regulations intended to ban fracking by January 1, 2024. The draft includes broad language that allows for the phase out of all “well stimulation” techniques including fracking, acidizing, gravel packing, steam flooding and steam injection, according to Food and […]

May 24th

Gov. Newsom’s May budget revision allocates $200 million to plug California’s abandoned and orphaned oil wells

California Governor Gavin Newsom on May 14 unveiled his May budget revision that allocates $200 million to plug abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells, many located near low-income residential areas where the majority of residents are Latino and Black. By Dan Bacher In January 2020, a report by the California Council on Science & Technology revealed that California taxpayers could […]

May 17th

Reducing methane is crucial for protecting climate and health, and it can pay for itself – so why aren’t more companies doing it?

Methane, the main ingredient in natural gas, is a larger climate problem than the world anticipates, and cutting its emissions will be crucial to slow global warming, a new United Nations report warns. The greenhouse gas is many times more powerful than carbon dioxide at warming the planet, and its concentration in the atmosphere is […]

UN report highlights ‘Absolutely critical’ need to dramatically slash global methane emissions

The critical importance of reducing global methane emissions, including those generated by the fossil fuel industry, is more significant than previously understood, according to a report published Thursday by the United Nations Environment Program. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The new global methane assessment (pdf) concludes that slashing a pollutant that is 84 to 87 times more potent than […]

May 8th

Indigenous and climate activists protest banks funding Line 3 pipeline

From “oil spills” in Washington, D.C. and New York City to a “people mural” in Seattle spelling out “Defund Line 3,” climate and Indigenous protesters in 50 U.S. cities and across seven other countries spanning four continents took to the streets on Friday for a day of action pushing 20 banks to ditch the controversial […]

May 8th

Fracked gas IS a bridge… to tens of thousands of premature deaths

A new study by researchers at Harvard University confirmed Wednesday that natural gas and wood as energy sources—billed by proponents as “cleaner” alternatives to coal and oil—are a major threat to public health and are responsible for pollution which causes tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The study, published in […]

May 6th

‘The Climate Emergency is not coming. It is here’: Local officials across US ask Biden to institute a fracking ban

More than 375 local and state elected officials from across the United States sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Congress Tuesday urging national leaders to halt all new fracking and fossil fuel infrastructure projects. By Jenna McGuire Common Dreams The letter (pdf), organized by the advocacy group Food & Water Watch, outlined key actions the federal […]

April 17th

Coalition backing California’s SB 467 vows to continue fighting for setbacks, end to dangerous oil drilling

In a follow-up to my article yesterday on the blocking of Senate Bill 467 in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment, below my short commentary is a press release from the statewide coalition of environmental, economic, racial justice and public health organizations that supported the bill. By Dan Bacher The coalition today announced […]

April 15th