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Five satellite images that show how fast our planet is changing

You have probably seen satellite images of the planet through applications like Google Earth. These provide a fascinating view of the surface of the planet from a unique vantage point and can be both beautiful to look at and useful aids for planning. But satellite observations can provide far more insights than that. In fact, […]

50 years of Earth Day Posters, 1970-2020

Earth Day 1970 (Pogo via Walt Kelley) (Earth Day 1970 by Robert Leydenfrost, via Click Americana) ->Next Poster Unfortunately, with the current coronavirus economic meltdown, we’ve lost our primary funding source. So we’ve set up a Patreon Page: Become a Patron! You can also make a one-time or recurring donation via PayPal – anything helps, […]

April 22nd

March Madness: How Big Sport needs to stop letting big polluters sportswash themselves through sponsorships

Some of the world’s leading corporate polluters have flooded the sports sponsorship market with billions of dollars in a bid to “sportswash” their responsibility for the climate crisis, a study published Monday by the New Weather Institute revealed. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The study, entitled Sweat not oil: Why sports should drop advertising and sponsorship […]

March 28th

Valentine’s Day: COVID-19 wilted the industry, but sustainable flowers are still a thorny issue

Cut flowers are a multi-billion-dollar business globally, closely linked to social events and holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Mother’s Day, and to happy and sad occasions, like weddings and funerals… And then there’s Valentine’s Day. By Paul D. Larson, University of Manitoba The Conversation In the United States alone, an estimated $1.9 billion worth […]

February 14th

Valentine’s Day: five ways to ensure your flowers are ethical

If you take an interest in ethical consumerism and plan to treat someone special this February 14, what dilemmas lie ahead? You might already be conscious of getting child labour and slave-free chocolate, a recycled card, even fair trade gold, and perhaps vintage or conflict-free diamonds if it’s a very special year. But what about […]

February 14th

How to keep COVID-safe this Christmas

It’s Christmas 2020 and COVID-19 is unfortunately still here. Many people are visiting loved ones, including vulnerable family members. So, to try to keep our loved ones safe during this festive period, there are two questions we need to answer: what’s the best thing to do for me and my family this Christmas? And if we […]

December 25th

Oppression in the kitchen, delight in the dining room: The Christmas Eve story of Caesar, an enslaved chef and chocolatier in Colonial Virginia

Christmas Eve is almost here, and among the many treats of the season are chocolate and hot cocoa. While these traditions provide a hefty dose of sugar, there’s a bittersweet side to chocolate’s history, too. By Kelley Fanto Deetz, University of California, Berkeley The Conversation This year, at Stratford Hall Plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia, […]

December 24th

Say happy holidays with these festive cards from NOAA (Free downloads!)

Spread the cheer with our holiday themed cards! Print, send, or share them with your friends and family. Happy holidays from NOAA’s Office of Education. We wish you a safe and cozy holiday season. By NOAA Happy holidays! Explore all of the educational materials NOAA has to offer in our resource collections. (Kaleigh Ballantine/NOAA Office of […]

December 21st