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The rise of the homesteading philosophy among millennials

A growing number of young people are returning to the land. The appeal of the homesteading lifestyle has attracted millennials to live differently, growing their own food and living a bit lighter on the earth.  Even as a generation raised in a technology-focused time, these young people are seeking out ways to live more connected to […]

August 4th

A look at why environmentalism is so homogeneous – and how organizations might cultivate genuine diversity

As a child growing up in Los Angeles, Erynn Castellanos would spend hours exploring her grandmother’s backyard garden, an oasis of greenery filled with oranges, sugarcane, yerba buena, guava and herbs. “Playing with my brother and cousins in my grandmother’s backyard, climbing the trees, and trying different fruits — those experiences made me appreciate natural spaces,” […]

August 2nd

Renewable Roundup: Starve the beast is still the loudest dog whistle

The rich have a corrupt bargain with all of the Republican factions. Cut taxes for us, and we will use those tax cuts to blow out the budget and force Democrats to agree to cut social programs under the Dog Whistle Starve the Beast. But no more. By Mokurai On July 14, 1978, economist Alan Greenspan testified […]

August 1st

Science elicits hope in Americans – its positive brand doesn’t need to be partisan

Harley-Davidson is one of the most iconic brands in the world. Harley-Davidson, however, doesn’t sell motorcycles – it sells a lifestyle. Look at any Harley-Davidson advertisement and you will see someone riding the open road. The Harley-Davidson brand is about freedom. Attitude. Living by your own rules. Todd Newman, University of Wisconsin-Madison The Conversation A […]

July 26th

A brief (and frustrating) history of the carbon footprint

I’ve long fretted about the personal change/system change debate, worried that the weight was unevenly born by individuals even though I strongly believe the former is a necessary catalyst for the latter. But maybe I’m J.K. Rowling-level wrong. Maybe we can skip the skipping straws and go straight to table-flipping the system. At least, that’s how I […]

July 25th

Top 7 eco-friendly cities around the world

As sustainability becomes a global hot topic, cities around the world have started to step up their efforts. At the same time, many areas encounter financial and policy-related challenges. How can these locations improve? They could consider some real-world examples of eco-friendly leaders. By Emily Folk If we can recognize and support green epicenters, other […]

July 18th

A different kind of mini break: imagined cities to explore from your sofa

Lockdown is preventing many of us from travelling to cities we might have been longing to visit. But we can take this opportunity to explore urban landscapes that exist in other worlds. Three experts introduce cities featured in novels, poetry and video games. Serena Trowbridge, Birmingham City University; Drew Cattanach, University of Westminster, and Paul […]

July 17th

Langston Hughs – Let America Be America Again

Langston Hughes was a great man and a great poet. In particular he is the perfect antidote for MAGAism. “Let America Be America Again (America never was America to me.)” We should have trumpeted today’s poem from the moment Trump came down the escalator. We should be declaiming it in chorus every day. For myself, I […]

July 12th

It’s Not as Simple as Rebellion – The ability to hold paradoxes is one of the key demands for climate leadership

Over the past two years, Extinction Rebellion (XR) emerged into the climate movement with explosive energy. Thousands of people in Europe and the United States mobilized to engage in civil disobedience to demand that our political leaders take radical action to avert climate catastrophe. Particularly in Britain, XR has catalyzed an unprecedented level of public […]

July 11th