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Desperation, Is Thy Name Xcel Energy?

By Chip Martin, Special To RGB About 10 days ago, I wrote about the exciting push toward municipalization in Colorado, and how the citizens there were working to free themselves from the yoke of Xcel Energy oppression.  As I wrote then (at the risk of seeming self-reverential): Despite mouthing public platitudes about how much it […]

June 9th

Coloradans Have Nothing To Lose But Chains

By Chip Martin, Special To RGB As most of you who read me regularly know, I am all about smashing the regulated-monopoly-utility racket that currently holds us hostage. They’ve never faced real competition before, and now rooftop solar poses a significant threat. That’s why they’re hell-bent on regulating it out of the picture. In Colorado, […]

May 29th

Why Sunrun Added REC And Joined With Sungevity

This article originally appeared on Solar Wakeup. By Yann Brandt, Managing Editor of SolarWakeup Residential solar is the fastest growing part of the solar market and some of the major players in the sector have been making big moves. Recently, Sunrun acquired the residential division of REC Solar including AEE Solar and SnapNrack while also announcing […]

May 13th

We Love Solar So Much That We Want To Smother It

We all know those parents, hovering just out of sight, keeping an eye on every move their children make, offering unsolicited advice and generally trying to keep control of everything — all in the name of “love.” The utilities have studied that behavior and decided to go all-in with it, with a much more sinister goal: to […]

April 1st

Possible Coal Industry Link to Forged Letters

The trail of blame leads in all directions as new revelations continue over forged letters sent from lobbying firm Bonner & Associates to at least three House members urging a no vote on the Waxman-Markey climate and energy bill . Calls for Congress and the Department of Justice to investigate begin to mount as well.

August 6th

Tradition, Biofuel and Famine in Uganda

Uganda’s Agriculture Minister said that she regretted the fact that Ugandan citizens are still dying of hunger in a country that has enough crops to export to other parts of Africa. New national laws may be imposed that require every household to grow its own root crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes.

July 23rd

UK Bee Failure Both Environmental and Political

As things currently stand, British beekeepers fear government intervention and ‘meddling’, being told to move or destroy hives if they are seen as potentially infected or too old to meet current standards, and they can’t see why they should sign up for a scheme that has no discernable benefit to the beekeeper.

July 22nd

Palin’s Appearance on SNL – Did It Help Or Hurt?

Palin’s appearance on the popular sketch comedy show brought it to its highest rating in fourteen years, Reuters. The figures make it the highest-rated SNL since March 12, 1994. Although Nielsen Media Research won’t have a complete count of the show’s audience until later in the week, it will likely be around 14 million people — and 17 million for the first half hour, with the opening skit featuring Palin’s cameo.

October 19th