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Gov. Newsom’s May budget revision allocates $200 million to plug California’s abandoned and orphaned oil wells

California Governor Gavin Newsom on May 14 unveiled his May budget revision that allocates $200 million to plug abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells, many located near low-income residential areas where the majority of residents are Latino and Black. By Dan Bacher In January 2020, a report by the California Council on Science & Technology revealed that California taxpayers could […]

May 17th

Rejecting appeal by Monsanto parent Bayer, top EU court upholds ban on bee-killing neonic pesticides

The European Union’s top court ruled Thursday in favor of the European Commission’s partial ban on three pesticides hazardous to bees, much to the chagrin of Bayer—the German pharmaceutical and biotech company that merged with agrochemical giant Monsanto in 2018. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Bayer attempted to overturn the ban and undermine the E.U.’s “precautionary principle” for […]

May 9th

Why is Wells Fargo funding a massive plastics and chemical plant in Louisiana’s ‘cancer alley’?

Calling a planned petrochemical manufacturing complex in Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley” a “textbook case of environmental racism,” 175 organizations from around the world sent a letter to financial institutions Tuesday urging them not to fund, underwrite, or invest in the project, which could cost up to $12 billion. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The letter—led by the faith-based grassroots […]

April 28th

Not only is Glyphosate bad; the other ingredients in Monsanto’s Roundup are lethal to honeybees

Commonly used herbicides across the U.S. contain highly toxic undisclosed “inert” ingredients that are lethal to bumblebees, according to a new study published Friday in the Journal of Applied Ecology. The study reviewed several herbicide products and found that most contained glyphosate, an ingredient best recognized from Roundup products and the most widely used herbicide in the U.S. and worldwide. […]

April 18th

Florida’s deregulated paradise faces massive radioactive spill

Florida workers over the weekend rushed to prevent the collapse of a reservoir wall containing hundreds of millions of gallons of wastewater from a defunct phosphate mine, a looming environmental catastrophe that prompted mandatory evacuation orders and a declaration of emergency by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams A leak in the […]

April 5th

How gerrymandering silences the environmental vote

This year, state legislatures will redraw the electoral map. The GOP controls most state legislatures, and they are expected to draw congressional districts to favor Republicans, which will make it easier for them to win a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, even if they fail to win the most votes overall. This […]

March 19th

How extractive industries manage to carry on harming the planet

Around the globe, concern is mounting about the unfolding climate and ecological catastrophe. Yet the extraction of natural resources through mining and energy projects continues on a large scale, with disastrous environmental consequences. By Judith Verweijen, University of Sheffield and Alexander Dunlap, University of Oslo The Conversation To understand how this is possible, one place […]

March 5th

Monsanto parent Bayer is working with the US govt to block Mexico’s Roundup pesticide ban

While Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has given farmers in the country a 2024 deadline to stop using glyphosate, The Guardian reported that agrochemical company Bayer, industry lobbyist CropLife America, and U.S. officials have been pressuring Mexico’s government to drop its proposed ban on the carcinogenic pesticide. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams  The corporate and U.S.-backed attempt to coerce […]

February 24th

The price of gas: Globally, 1 in every 5 deaths caused by fossil fuel pollution

While arguments for rapidly phasing out fossil fuels and shifting to renewable energy are often based on the climate crisis and its devastating impacts, a study published Tuesday bolsters the public health case for clean power sources, revealing that fossil fuel-related air pollution killed an estimated 8.7 million people in 2018 alone, accounting for 18% of total global deaths that […]

February 10th

Jim Hightower: Planet Plastic

What do your toothbrush and your running shoes have in common? Plastic. We now live on Planet Plastic, where billions of tons of waste from everyday products made of these chemical contaminants are strewn literally everywhere — on the highest mountaintops, in the deepest seabeds, in dense tropical jungles, and all across barren deserts. By Jim […]

January 31st

Biden has pledged to advance environmental justice – here’s how the EPA can start

On his first day in office President Joe Biden started signing executive orders to reverse Trump administration policies. One sweeping directive calls for stronger action to protect public health and the environment and hold polluters accountable, including those who “disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities.” By David Konisky, Indiana University The Conversation To […]

January 25th

Pro-life Evangelicals want PA to protect children from fossil fuel pollution

This week, the Evangelical Environmental Network submitted 30,562 individual comments from Pennsylvania pro-life Christians to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and its Environmental Quality Board in support of the CO2 Budget Trading Program Regulations (50 Pa.B. 6212). By Rev Mitch Hescox Evangelical Environmental Network/ Creationcare Their comments state: As a pro-life Christian, I am deeply […]