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Biden EPA moves to protect Bristol Bay from salmon-killing Pebble Mine

Conservationists, local tribes, and commercial fishers celebrated on Thursday the Biden administration’s move to permanently protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed from the proposed Pebble Mine and similarly destructive projects. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Placing a massive mine at the headwaters of the world’s greatest, most productive wild sockeye salmon fishery has been a terrible idea […]

September 10th

It’s great that Biden is reviewing Trump’s disastrous ANWR drilling policy, but Congress must shut it down for good

Indigenous and environmental groups on Tuesday welcomed the U.S. Interior Department’s decision to review the Trump administration’s controversial move opening up previously protected land in Alaska to drilling despite threats to local communities and wildlife as well as the global climate. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The department’s notice says the new environmental review of the leasing program […]

August 5th

Shark Week looms, but don’t panic

Sharks elicit outsized fear, even though the risk of a shark bite is infinitesimally small. As a marine biologist and director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, I oversee the International Shark Attack File – a global record of reported shark bites that has been maintained continuously since 1958. It’s OK, I’m a filter […]

July 11th

Climate crisis and negligent policymakers blamed for ‘Record sickening levels’ of manatee deaths in Florida

Conservation advocates in Florida are warning that 1,000 manatees in the state’s water could die this year—hundreds more than in recent years—due to starvation driven by water pollution, the climate crisis, and other man-made harms to the mammals’ ecosystem. By Julia Conley Common Dreams As The Guardian reported, 749 manatees died between January 1 and May […]

June 6th

Buden and Haaland block Trump’s stupid plan for oil drilling in ANWR

Environmental campaigners in Alaska and across the country are cautiously celebrating the Biden administration’s Tuesday decision to suspend some fossil fuel drilling leases that were sold in the Arctic shortly before former President Donald Trump left office while also calling on Congress to provide permanent protections to one of the planet’s most biodiverse places. By Jessica […]

June 2nd

On Endangered Species Day, tell your Rep to support the Extinction Prevention Act

A group of Democratic lawmakers on Thursday reintroduced bicameral legislation to help stem the planetary biodiversity crisis. Entitled the Extinction Prevention Act of 2021 and led by Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), the legislation (pdf) would fund conservation efforts for what the lawmakers call “less charismatic” but highly imperiled wildlife species. By Andrea […]

May 21st

Just 3% of Earth’s land ecosystems remain intact – but we can change that

Few things excite biologists more than contemplating the parts of the world still relatively free of human damage. For the last 30 years, scientists intent on protecting Earth’s biodiversity have sought to enshrine targets for preserving and expanding these remaining areas of wilderness. Andrew Plumptre, University of Cambridge The Conversation But what actually is wilderness, […]

April 18th

MONARCH Act introduced to ensure the beloved pollinator is around for future generations

A group of bipartisan lawmakers introduced two bills on Wednesday to boost conservation of the western monarch butterfly to save the population from total collapse. The legislation comes at critical moment for the iconic species. The Xerces Society said in January after its latest annual western monarch count that 1,914 monarchs butterflies were recorded overwintering on the […]

March 21st