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Tesla brings on the Cheetah Stance

Tesla is bringing on the “Cheetah Stance,” as some are calling it, to a whole new level in Tesla’s move to dominate the race tracks. In Tesla’s latest software update, a new feature for Ludicrous+ Mode is included — that of a much more aggressive crouching cheetah ready to take down its prey with unprecedented […]

April 13th

Coronavirus is slamming EV sales, but critic asserts rebound will be sharper than for fossil fuel cars

In a stunning but unsurprising report, Wood-Mackenzie consultants on Wednesday forecast that global electric vehicle sales will drop 43% in 2020 as a consequence of the economic response to the spread of the novel coronavirus. But Stan Cross at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy argues there’s no reason to believe the EV market will be hurt worse than the car […]

April 11th

Long strange trip: This ’69 VW conceals a 450 hp Tesla EV motor

There is no shortage of great restomod ideas in the world. All of you out there in CleanTechnica-land who were wondering if that electric Volkswagen E-BULLI concept from a few weeks ago could stand to do with a bit more than 82 HP, well, you’re about to find out. Meet Petrol Ped’s 1969 T2 VW. Similar concept […]

April 11th

Take a sneak peek inside the Tesla factory in Shanghai, China

Getting a peek inside a Tesla factory is not something that happens every day. The CleanTechnica crew was fortunate enough to get a rare glimpse inside the Fremont factory last year but the latest factory in Shanghai takes everything Tesla has learned about manufacturing automobiles and distills it into the most cutting edge factory on the planet. By Steve […]

April 10th

7 Reasons why Tesla Will Benefit From The Crisis — #2 Diversification

Cathie Wood, the founder of Ark Invest, has repeated many times that in a recession or economic downturn disruptive companies gain pace and expand their competitive advantage versus incumbents. Even if all business is shrinking, the moment it’s getting just slightly better, disruptive companies grow faster, win more market share and more profit than the competition. […]

April 7th

Tesla Model 3 = 6th Best Selling Car in USA

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t done with the headlines, despite the Model Y’s review-grabbing arrival and the coronavirus pandemic we’re dealing with at the moment. Tesla has climbed the rankings of the top selling cars in the USA and placed the Model 3 on the 6th rung*. That’s up from 9th in 2019 as a whole, […]

April 6th

Evangelicals oppose clean car rollback

The Trump Administration is about to roll back fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks that will make children sicker and make us all less safe by increasing carbon pollution at a time when we must do the opposite to avoid dangerous tipping points in our climate system. It is wrong, plain and simple. […]

Trump’s “Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Rule” isn’t safer, or affordable, or efficient. It’s deadly.

Back on Valentine’s day, we pointed you to stories from The Atlantic and the New York Times detailing the “turducken of falsehoods” required to justify the Trump administration’s proposal to roll back Obama-era standards for automotive fuel efficiency. All those errors, like reversing how supply and demand work, came after plenty of reporting showed that even with the faulty math, […]

Australia could be 3rd largest market for Tesla EV cybertruck

You may think the US is crazy for SUVs and pickup trucks, but one nation outdoes America in its passion for big, bold, brawny vehicles, and that is Australia. According to The Driven, Australia has the third largest number of reservation holders (3.19%) for the Tesla Cybertruck, after the US (76.25%) and Canada (10.43%). It says […]

April 2nd

Trump finalizes auto-emissions rollback (How many will die?)

This is not an April Fool’s joke. Even amidst the exigencies of the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump maladministration pushed ahead with its plan to gut the auto emissions standards put in place during the Obama administration. The rules were agreed to by the major auto manufacturers when they were clamoring to suckle on the government teat during […]

April 2nd

GM and Ford double down on SUVs, miss the boat on EVs

According to a report by Reuters, both GM and Ford have revealed their marketing plans for the North American market over the next several years and they call for lots of shiny new SUVs with infernal combustion engines and a trickle of electric vehicles. By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica Based on data supplied by both automakers to AutoForecast […]

April 1st

Tesla and China – from EVs to ventilators, Elon Musk pushes partnership

Critiqued by many for not doing enough during the COVID-19 pandemic, Elon Musk delivered on a promise to provide 1,200+ ventilators for emergency respiratory care. This initial wave was not manufactured by Tesla in the US, but rather, purchased from China. A month earlier, the famous CEO celebrated the delivery of the first Made in China Tesla […]

March 30th

Imagine plugging your EV into a streetlight! It’s happening NOW

Siemens, in partnership with EV charging company ubitricity, has converted all 24 lamp posts along Sutherland Avenue — all one kilometer of it — in the Westminster section of London to serve as EV charging stations.  Now that the work has been completed, there are over 300 EV chargers in Westminster, according to a Siemens press release. […]

March 25th

EVs – The electric car tipping point (It’s all about cost)

One of the most interesting and most challenging things in my career in cleantech media in the past decade has been communicating technology transitions. It is simply so difficult for us humans to deeply comprehend (or “digest”) the arc of the trends as they are occurring. Even a rapid market transition seems like it is […]

March 23rd