Truth or Consequences

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Stupid, stupid: Why announce anti-China alliance just when we need China’s help for COP26 climate action?

Climate campaigners voiced concern that a new trilateral military agreement by the U.S., U.K., and Australian governments—an arrangement, including new weapons sales, designed to neutralize China’s growing geostrategic influence—could have a devastating impact on urgently needed climate cooperation ahead of the United Nations’ COP 26 climate talks next month in Glasgow. By John Queally Common Dreams […]

September 23rd

Ancient sequoias wrapped in foil as California wildfire threatens

A grove of ancient trees in Sequoia National Park remained Friday in the path of a California wildfire that has already triggered evacuations and other protective efforts including wrapping some of the iconic trees—including the planet’s biggest—in protective foil covering. By  Andrea Germanos Common Dreams It has come to this: wrapping trees in tin foil. 💔 — annehawthorne #ClearThePath @WeDoHope (@annehawthorne) […]

September 19th

Congressional Dems put fossil fuel execs in the hot seat over climate change

Democratic leaders on the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee sent letters Thursday inviting the heads of key fossil fuel companies and lobbying groups to testify before the panel about the industry’s contributions to climate disinformation in recent decades. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Applauded by advocates of holding polluters and their business partners accountable for […]

September 17th

Climate denial reduced to making shit up (and trivial shit, at that)

When it comes to climate disinformation, there are two basic flavors. One is organized denial, spread by people who work on behalf of the fossil fuel industry (directly or indirectly) through one of the vast web of non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and media outlets that are the beneficiaries of the industry’s so-called philanthropy. The other kind […]

September 17th

Newsom urged to deliver on climate, including fossil fuel phase-out, as California voters defeat recall

California voters on Tuesday roundly defeated an effort to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose ouster likely would have resulted in right-wing radio host Larry Elder—a longtime climate denier who recently said the ideal minimum wage is $0—becoming the leader of the most populous state in the U.S. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Faced with two ballot questions—whether Newsom should be […]

September 15th

Okay, we crushed the California recall, now can we fix the screwed-up recall provision?

As someone who spent 15.5 hours canvassing door to door to defeat the recall against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, I’ve got my happy face on tonight. Not least because it wasn’t a squeaker but showed strong support for the governor and achieved an honest to goodness trouncing of a specimen of one our nation’s plagues: right-wing talk radio hosts, the showmen of America’s political megachurches. […]

September 15th

Climate deniers accuse reality of bad faith

Even as Murdoch media in Australia claims to be turning over a new leaf on its climate denial, and the fossil fuel industry pursues new discourses of delay, like “wokewashing,” as Amy Westervelt wrote about last week, the sad reality is that whatever you call it, as Nick Cohen wrote recently, “The arguments change. The intent remains the same.” […]

September 14th

Rep Ro Khanna vows to put big oil, PR firms in hot seat ‘Like the big tobacco hearings’

Rep. Ro Khanna on Thursday fired a broadside at an often-overlooked enabler and profiteer of the worsening climate emergency—the public relations and advertising firms that continue to serve the fossil fuel industry—by announcing that their deceptive practices would be scrutinized during forthcoming congressional hearings on Big Oil climate misinformation. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams In a […]

September 13th

If the recall of California Gov Newsom succeeds, it will set back climate change action by ten years

Climate Hawks Vote has endorsed Governor Newsom in the September 2021 recall election because Newsom listens to climate hawks like us. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote Here are just some of the nation-leading steps he is taking: Setting an end date for internal combustion engine car sales in California Moving California’s carbon neutrality deadline […]

September 13th

One more temperature record falls: US swelters under hottest summer in history

The United States just experienced the hottest summer ever, breaking the record set in 1936 when the Dust Bowl Era took hold amid extreme heat, drought, crop failures that upended the country. By John Queally Common Dreams According to data and new analysis released Thursday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): During meteorological summer (June-August), the […]

September 12th

9/11 survivors’ exposure to toxic dust and the chronic health conditions that followed offer lessons that are still too often unheeded

The 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York resulted in the loss of 2,753 people in the Twin Towers and surrounding area. After the attack, more than 100,000 responders and recovery workers from every U.S. state – along with some 400,000 residents and other workers around ground zero – were exposed […]

September 11th

How Arctic warming can trigger extreme cold waves like the Texas freeze – a new study makes the connection

In February 2021, in the midst of rapidly warming global temperatures, an exceptionally severe cold wave hit large parts of North America, from Canada to Northern Mexico. It left 10 million people without power. The impact was particularly severe in Texas, which alone had more than 125 deaths associated with the event. By Mathew Barlow, […]

September 9th

As Biden tours Hurricane Ida damage, protesters call for phase-out of all fossil fuels

When President Joe Biden on Tuesday toured communities in New York and New Jersey devastated by the remnants of Hurricane Ida last week, he was greeted by protesters pointing to the deadly storm as just the latest proof of the need to immediately phase out fossil fuels.   By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Fossil fuels are destroying our climate with […]

September 8th