Truth or Consequences

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Overcrowded US national parks need a reservation system

If you’re headed out into the wild this summer, you may need to jump online and book a reservation before you go. For the second consecutive year, reservations are required to visit Yosemite, Rocky Mountain and Glacier national parks. Other popular sites, including Maine’s Acadia National Park, encourage visitors to buy entrance passes in advance. […]

June 11th

Think the economic damage from covid was bad? Climate crisis will cost twice as much… EVERY YEAR

New research by global insurance giant Swiss RE warns that the looming devastation of runaway greenhouse gas emissions and the climate crisis could result in economic retractions twice as potent as the global recession unleashed by  Covid-19—a calamity, unlike the pandemic, which could go on for many years without end. By Jon Queally Common Dreams Analyzing […]

California Drought: Major spike in dead juvenile salmon on Klamath River reported by Yurok Fisheries Department

The already horrific juvenile fish kill on the Klamath River in this unprecedented drought year is getting even worse. On Friday, June 4, the Yurok Fisheries Department’s Fish Disease Monitoring Crew counted 361 dead juvenile Chinook salmon in a rotary screw trap on the Klamath River, near Weitchpec. By Dan Bacher “This is by far the single […]

June 7th

Climate crisis and negligent policymakers blamed for ‘Record sickening levels’ of manatee deaths in Florida

Conservation advocates in Florida are warning that 1,000 manatees in the state’s water could die this year—hundreds more than in recent years—due to starvation driven by water pollution, the climate crisis, and other man-made harms to the mammals’ ecosystem. By Julia Conley Common Dreams As The Guardian reported, 749 manatees died between January 1 and May […]

June 6th

Fire Killed 1 In 10 Of Earth’s Most Fire-Resilient Monarch Sequoias in 2020

Scientists have known last year’s Castle Fire was probably the most destructive for California’s famously fire-resilient sequoias in at least 700 years, but a draft National Park Service report obtained by the Visalia Times-Delta puts a quantitative measurement on that fire’s climate-fueled toll. By Nexus Media News Between 7,500 and 10,000 monarch sequoias — about […]

June 6th

Why people are risking arrest to join old-growth logging protests on Vancouver Island

The RCMP has recently been arresting protesters who had set up blockades to prevent the logging of old-growth forests on Vancouver Island. Environmentalists say the Fairy Creek watershed, near Port Renfrew, is the last old-growth area left on southern Vancouver Island, outside of protected areas. By David Tindall, University of British Columbia The Conversation The […]

Remember on Memorial Day: 1,700 environmental activists killed this century defending the environment

According to records compiled by the campaign group Global Witness, 1,738 people described as environmental defenders were killed between 2002 and 2018, across 50 countries. The group says the number of reported deaths has been increasing over time with about three people killed each week on average. Yet the campaign group says only about 10% of […]

CA oil drilling setback bill was defeated by pols who received $288k from big oil

On April 27, Amy Moas of Greenpeace began a series of pieces profiling some of the many ways that the fossil fuel industry exerts pressure across California’s government with a well-written and well-researched piece, “California’s Fossil Fuel Friendships – Part 1. Votes for Polluters over People.” By Dan Bacher  “Through lobbying, insider influence, campaign spending and more, the […]

May 22nd

Greenland ice sheet at the brink – May already be at climate tipping point

Researchers in Germany and Norway said Tuesday that a major portion of Greenland’s ice sheet is “at the brink” of reaching a frightening “tipping point”—the latest sign that global heating is causing irreversible damage to the world’s glaciers and that policymakers must halt fossil fuel emissions without further delay. By Julia Conley Common Dreams According to new […]

May 19th

Facebook sucks at moderating. It’s a key source for the spread of climate denial’s lies

The climate denial accountability group Stop Funding Heat released a new report last week finding, despite Facebook’s public proclamations about how much it cares about climate change, the platform is not only letting climate denial thrive, but is still profiting off of it. By Climate Denier Roundup While the company does have a Climate Science Information Center […]