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Atmospheric rivers over California’s wildfire burn scars raise fears of deadly mudslides – this is what cascading climate disasters look like

Rivers of muddy water from heavy rainfall raced through city streets as thousands of people evacuated homes downhill from California’s wildfire burn scars amid atmospheric river storms drenching the state in early January 2023. The evacuations at one point included all of Montecito, home to around 8,000 people – and the site of the state’s […]

January 25th

Western wildfires fuel extreme weather up to 1,500 miles away

With the climate crises driving a more intense and longer wildfire season in the United States, new groundbreaking research reveals the cascading impacts of a world in which such fires can create damaging weather halfway across the country. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Wildfires have burned through nearly seven million acres of land across the West so far […]

October 19th

Destructive hurricanes fuel calls for Biden to declare Climate Emergency

With Puerto Rico and Florida still reeling from a pair of hurricanes—one of which made landfall again Friday as a Category 1 storm in South Carolina—activists across the United States have renewed calls for President Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams  This is what historic Hurricane Ian did to south Florida. This […]

October 2nd

Climate-fueled Hurricane Ian tears a path of devastation through Florida

Hurricane Ian left massive destruction in its wake as it ripped through Florida on Wednesday, flooding buildings, uprooting trees, and sending cars and houses floating downstream as those in the storm’s path sought safety from the powerful wind and torrential rain. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Human-caused climate change is affecting hurricanes in many ways including […]

September 29th

Hurricane Ian: Tampa Bay is a sitting duck for climate-boosted hurricanes

I’m worried about worst case scenario with Hurricane Ian. Tampa has long been a sitting duck for catastrophic storm surge and has dodged several bullets. We might not be so lucky this time. By Dr Michael Mann Satellite images show 'apocalyptic' Hurricane Ian approaching Florida https://t.co/bHX2tRLUhB pic.twitter.com/EpPuG5vw04 — New York Post (@nypost) September 28, 2022 […]

September 28th

Fiona slams Atlantic Canada: Climate change means we’ll keep seeing more of these “unprecedented” storms and disasters

Atlantic Canada has been left reeling from the impacts of one of the largest and most dangerous ocean storms to ever hit the region. Hurricane Fiona made landfall as a powerful post-tropical storm on Saturday along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador, delivering heavy rainfall, damaging winds and […]

September 26th

Puerto Rico’s vulnerability to hurricanes is magnified by weak government and bureaucratic roadblocks

Five years after Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona has killed at least four people, caused widespread flooding and left hundreds of thousands of residents without water or power. Maria caused extensive damage to Puerto Rico’s power grid in 2017 that left many residents without electricity for months. Rebuilding it has been […]

September 23rd

Puerto Rico’s power grid was privatized after Hurricane Maria – Now Fiona has completely crashed it

A “total blackout” was reported on the island of Puerto Rico on Sunday as heavy rainfall and powerful winds pounded the island before Hurricane Fiona made landfall just before 4:00 pm local time. Weather forecasters said the rainfall is likely to produce devastating landslides and severe flooding, with up to 25 inches (64 cm) expected in some […]

September 19th