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Idaho Gov. Brad Little confronts climate change with forest protection funding

Faced with increased threat of wildfires that decimate Idaho forests, GOP Governor Brad Little included in his state budget proposal adding $150 million for more firefighters and future firefighting costs. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN “We talk about this a lot at the Western Governors’ (Association),” said Little, a rancher, who chairs the group of 19 […]

January 18th

Black Lives Matter: Former GOP Rep Bob Inglis on “Humility and the Exercise of Power”

(This ran two years ago as part of EcoRight News’ weekly roundup, but as we all take time to reflect on the struggle for environmental justice as well as social justice, I thought it would be appropriate to run it in full on this Martin Luther King Day. Let’s be safe out there, and keep […]

January 17th

EcoRight climate news for the week of January 14, 2022

Hello, and TGIF. This was one of those weeks where I was a day ahead of myself, so today it’s nice to be on the right day. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must read: America needs a leader who can unite the nation on climate change (Deseret News) In this op-ed by Utahn Bill Rappleye, he […]

January 14th

EcoRight climate news for the week of January 7 2022

Welcome to 2022! I hope your holidays were restful and rejuvenating. It’s so good to have you back for another year of good times and climate conversations. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must read: We have two reads for you as you wrap up your week. The first, sadly, is behind a paywall, […]

January 7th

2021 Ecoright climate year in review

Goodbye, 2021. As Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski said, “It has been a horrible year, hasn’t it?” Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN But along with the obvious low points, there were some highlights so as we put a bow on the year, I thought it would be meaningful to curate the notable moments and meaningful developments that resonated with […]

December 27th

California “Green Republicans” bring a conservative climate action message to the GOP

Over the last five years, there has been a growing movement of CCLers, Republican and Democrat, tabling at California’s GOP convention. They are referred to as members of CCL’s Conservative Caucus and Friends of the Caucus.  This fall’s convention was an opportunity for a new strategy — a skilled group of right-leaning members of CCL […]

December 27th

Ecoright Speaks podcast: Weather and climate scholar Dr Marshall Shepherd

This week’s special guest is Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd, a leading international expert in weather and climate and Distinguished Professor of Geography and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Georgia. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Dr. Shepherd is also the host of The Weather Channel’s Award-Winning show Weather Geeks, a pioneering Sunday talk podcast/show and he’s a contributor […]

December 18th

Ecoright climate news for the week of December 17

Welcome to my special birthday edition. Today is my actual birthday and you are giving me a fantastic gift by opening this email. It has been a year of ups and downs and I’m looking forward to another turn around the sun. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must read: Former congressman to business leaders: […]

December 17th

Evangelicals call on EPA to strengthen car emission standards – It’s the pro-life path!

On the final day of comments, 15,750 pro-life Christians submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in support of its proposed rule to strengthen the emissions standards for passenger cars and light trucks. The rule, if implemented, would significantly curb greenhouse gas emissions from America’s tailpipes for all model year 2023-2026 vehicles. By the […]

Ecoright climate change news for the week of December 10

Yes, friends, it’s winter love for the entire month of December. In the DC Metro area, we were teased with the promise of a dusting of snow this week, but alas, not a snowflake fell. Still, I remain hopeful (if pessimistic) about the chances for a white Christmas. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Quote of […]

December 10th

Ecoright Speaks podcast: Environmental psychologist Renee Lertzman

Hello and welcome back from your Thanksgiving break. Did you come back feeling anxious about the climate crisis? If so, do I have the episode for you! Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Renee Lertzman is an internationally recognized thought leader and adviser, who works with governments, businesses, philanthropic, and non-governmental sectors to design  strategies suited for […]

December 8th

American Petroleum Institute supports carbon pricing

The American Petroleum Institute, which represents all segments of America’s natural gas and oil industry, came out in support of a market-based carbon pricing policy. This is the trade association’s boldest statement yet in favor of carbon pricing. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN API says the price would need to apply to all emitting industries and […]

December 6th

Ecoright climate news for the week of December 3

Hello, readers and welcome back! I hope you survived climate conversations over Thanksgiving dinner and that your pies came out better than mine. If you bookmarked the caramel apple pie recipe Wen sent after voting in our poll, just cross it off your to bake list. ⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Do not recommend. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN I do recommend […]

December 3rd

6 helpful hints for talking to family about climate change this Thanksgiving (Podcast)

Before convening for Thanksgiving dinner or over Zoom, we encourage our community to listen to the latest episode of the “How to Save a Planet” podcast. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Their episode this week is titled Trying to Talk to Family about Climate Change? Here’s How and it features our Executive Director Bob Inglis and his son Rob, who […]

November 23rd

EcoRight Speaks podcast: LCRI’s Nick Johnson and Jim Wallis

The efforts to reduce greenhouse gases made by rural communities are an important part of the story, thus we are eternally grateful that past webinar guests Nick Johnson and Jim Wallis from the Lake County Resources Initiative and stars of the documentary the Other Side of the Hill (which you should check out – watch the trailer below the podcast) are this week’s […]

November 18th