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Fossil fuels kill more than Covid-19

The Denialists deny it, and the MSM is too scared to bring it up. We have more than five million deaths from fossil fuel, 8.8 million from air pollution overall every year. Covid-19, with 119,000 confirmed deaths so far, is a blip, a rounding error in the deaths we inflict on ourselves from coal and […]

June 1st

EPA decides to reject the latest science, endanger public health and ignore the law by keeping an outdated fine particle air pollution standard

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown have temporarily produced clearer skies across the U.S. Meanwhile, however, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been busy finding reasons not to pursue long-lasting air quality gains. By H. Christopher Frey, North Carolina State University The Conversation On April 30, 2020, the agency published a proposed new rule that […]

Years Project: The link between the coronavirus and particulate air pollution (Video)

There’s a link between #coronavirus and fossil fuel-related deaths. It’s revealing just how deadly the air we breathe has always been, even before the pandemic hit. By Maggie Badore The Years Project Coronavirus and Fossil Fuels: Airborne Killers There’s a link between #coronavirus and fossil fuel-related deaths. It’s revealing just how deadly the air we breathe […]

May 7th

Fossil fuel die-hards are fighting electrification of the economy with the lamest of arguements

On Earth Day, hundreds, if not thousands, of op-eds were published about climate, the environment, and energy. But one in particular seems to have caught the attention of the gas industry. Judging by their response, they consider it a threat. Richard Oberg, an energy efficiency official at Sacramento’s nonprofit utility, wrote about the benefits of electrifying […]

S Korea is both battling Coronavirus AND fighting climate change. At the same time!

The Republic of Korea’s response to COVID-19 has been among the most effective in the world. By combining aggressive testing with early isolation and treatment of those who test positive, Korea has lowered its infection rate while avoiding the need to lock down entire cities. The government reorganized hospitals to prevent infection, effectively distributed face masks and will cover […]

Air pollution shortens lives 2.9 years, annually causes 8.8 million early deaths

Published in Cardiovascular Research, a new study—“Loss of life expectancy from air pollution compared to other risk factors: a worldwide perspective”—has concluded from 2015 data that fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ground-level ozone (smog) shorten average life spans more than tobacco smoking, HIV/AIDS, violence, and vector-borne diseases like malaria. The leading culprit: the burning of […]

March 5th

Is China beginning a serious smog crack-down?

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection released a statement earlier today complaining that local governments haven’t been taking efforts to reduce air pollution seriously enough. These local officials, mostly at the county level and lower, have not shown “sufficient awareness of the importance, difficulty and urgency of air pollution prevention work.” By James Ayre  The statement comes […]

September 1st