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Australia is still a hot mess, but solar is up 3x and renewables hit 20% in 2018

Green Energy Markets publishes a monthly Renewable Energy Index. Its report for December, 2018 is out and it begins with these prophetic words: “2018 will go down as the year that fossil fuels began an inexorable decline in Australia’s electricity supply.” By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica Tristan Edis, GEM’s director of analysis and advisory, says: “For wind, the […]

February 8th

Australia is not on track to hit Paris Climate Agreement goals. It’s a carbon-intensive mess.

A damning report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that, while Australia has made some progress, the country nevertheless remains one of the most carbon-intensive OECD countries and one of the few where greenhouse gas emissions have increased over the past decade.  By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica Therefore, the OECD’s third Environmental Performance Review of […]

February 7th

Townsville Australia is getting a big-ass Tesla Powerpack energy storage setup

Tesla is continuing its push into the lucrative Australian energy markets with a new contract for a 4MW/8MWh grid-scale battery for the Queensland utility in Townsville, Australia. By Kyle Field Cleantechnica The new installation will bring balance to Queensland’s government-owned grid and will serve to supplement the existing virtual power plant and grid-scale batteries on the Queensland […]

February 1st

Australia senate report says country is lagging on EVs

The Australian Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles report is out and it calls for a major initiative to bring electric vehicles to the country. It says Australia will miss out on the environmental benefits a transition to an electric vehicle culture can bring, benefits that include better health for its citizens. “[Electric vehicle] uptake in […]

January 31st

Renewables shine, fossil fuels dim as Australia swelters under record heatwave

The sun doesn’t always shine! The wind doesn’t always blow! There’s never enough renewable energy when you need it most! Only fossil fuels can make the grid reliable! We hear this sort of blather from fossil fuel apologists all the time. But when the mercury soared in Australia this month, it was the fossil fuel-powered […]

January 29th

Australia shaping up to be world leader in residential energy storage in 2019

Australia is expected to be the world’s largest residential energy storage market in 2019, accounting for 30% of global demand as household storage demand triples. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) published one of its Shorts on Tuesday highlighting the major headline from its latest report, Australia Residential Storage to Triple, Despite High Cost. According to Bloomberg, state governments across Australia are […]

January 24th

Australia near approving largest windfarm

What could end up being one of Australia’s largest wind energy installations, the Golden Plains Wind Farm, received planning approval from the Victorian Government last week, and now awaits approval by the federal government. Set to be built near the small township of Rokewood in the Golden Plains Shire, close to the second largest city in […]

January 16th

Making Australia a renewable energy exporting superpower

Politicians around Australia are proposing ambitious plans to export renewable energy from Australia, using high-voltage power lines laid under the oceans. But will this work? Our research is investigating the economic and environmental case for Australia to become an Asian energy superpower. By Roger Dargaville, Monash University; Changlong Wang, University of Melbourne, and Scott Hamilton The […]

January 6th

Why the heck doesn’t Australia have any offshore wind energy development?

As the year draws to a close and Australia’s renewable energy industry celebrates a surprisingly strong year — surprising, especially considering the general lack of support from the Federal Government — one could be forgiven for wondering why a literal “island nation” as big as Australia hasn’t turned its eyes offshore for its electricity generation. […]

December 29th

Coming in 2019: Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, vow to ditch coal power

The cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, committed themselves to phasing out coal this month, in a move at odds with the Australia’s aggressively pro-coal national government. The country’s two largest cities joined an international coalition of states, regions, cities and businesses who have committed to ending coal power generation. Australia is the fourth largest coal producer […]

December 27th

Australia developing 100% renewable energy city

French multinational electric utility ENGIE announced on Thursday that it had signed a 50-year strategic alliance with the city of Greater Springfield in Queensland, Australia, to help transition it to being a zero net energy city by 2038. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica ENGIE is intending to bring its “Better Cities TODAY” approach to Greater Springfield, which […]

December 10th

Australia on track to be 3/4 of the way to 100% renewable energy in 12 years

If Australia maintains its current rate of solar and wind installations through the next decade, the industry could feasibly account for 78% of the country’s electricity supply along its west and east coast main grids, a substantial increase from its current contribution of 22.5%. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica Australian energy analysts Green Energy Markets […]

December 3rd

Heatwaves threaten Australians’ health, and our politicians aren’t doing enough about it

As Australia approaches another summer, we face the inevitability of deadly heatwaves. Our report published today in the Medical Journal of Australia concludes that policy inaction, particularly at the federal level, is putting Australian lives at risk. By Paul Beggs, Macquarie University; Helen Louise Berry, University of Sydney; Martina Linnenluecke, Macquarie University, and Ying Zhang, […]

December 2nd