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Beyond Coal: “Resiliency” is just another ploy to bail out coal billionaires

For years the coal industry has been claiming, without evidence, that the large-scale retirement of coal plants would leave us freezing in the dark, putting the electricity grid at risk. Coal executives and coal-based utilities have repeatedly used this “resiliency” argument to push energy officials to bail out uneconomic coal plants, despite the reality that the […]

January 10th

90 percent of coal plants taint groundwater with toxic coal ash

According to a new report from the Environmental Integrity Project and Earthjustice, 243 of 265 of coal plants that monitor groundwater pollution across the nation have been shown to be leaking toxic coal ash pollution. By Meteor Blades The data from about three-quarters of U.S. coal plants come from utility filings mandated by federal coal ash rules that the Trump […]

March 11th