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Will big oil’s slippery six CEOs actually testify to Congress about climate disinformation?

Remember in 2018, when the Washington Post hired Mark Lasswell from the Wall Street Journal to edit the opinion page? And we were concerned that maybe he’d bring climate denial along with him? Well yesterday the Washington Post published a third conservative columnists’ praise for Steven Koonin. Contributor Mich Daniels, president of Purdue University and barely not the worst recent Indiana […]

October 15th

After losing the science fight, UK climate deniers rebrand as Net Zero Watch

While the United States is blessed with a veritable cornucopia of interlocking disinformation and climate denial organizations, in the UK things have traditionally been a bit more centralized through the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). It’s both a traditional “charity” think tank and an advocacy group, and in 2014 a judge ruled it engaged in too much […]

October 14th

Greenwashing: If big oil is serious about going green, they need to invest in clean energy (not more gas and oil)

A new analysis covered at DeSmog looked at over 3,000 social media ads and posts from six major European fossil fuel companies between December of 2019 through April of 2021, and found 63% painted the climate-destroying company as climate-friendly. By Climate Denier Roundup “Half of the companies analysed,” wrote Rachel Sherrington, “dedicated over 80 percent of their […]

Targeting Democrats who defend fossil fuel subsidies with “Extreme Weather Ads”

More than two dozen advocacy groups launched “extreme weather ads” in five state newspapers on Monday to pressure right-wing Senate Democrats to stop giving taxpayer money to the oil, gas, and coal companies most responsible for the climate emergency. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Full page ads—featuring artwork from Hannah Rothstein’s 50 States of Change Collection, which depicts some of […]

August 24th

Big oil propaganda earns 431 MILLION views on Facebook (After 900% jump in ad spending)

Facebook really wants you to think it’s a climate champion. Its sustainability page even says it wants to “have a positive impact on the world.” But “despite Facebook’s public support for climate action,” Facebook’s former sustainability director Bill Weihl told Scott Waldman at E&E News, “it continues to allow its platform to be used to spread fossil […]

Net Zero CO2: Clean Creatives targets corporate ad giant WPP for helping big oil greenwash

The climate-focused Clean Creatives campaign released a mocking ad video Tuesday to rebuke the greenwashing of corporate advertising giant WPP, which represents some of the world’s biggest polluters. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The satirical video is a send up of WPP’s announcement ahead of Earth Day this year in which the ad agency claimed it was setting targets for its own […]

June 9th

Will “Energy transition materials” be big oil’s newest buzzword to dis EVs?

An op-ed published in The Hill last week seems to adopt an unimpeachable bit of folksy, common sense wisdom, advising that we “not put all our cars in the EV basket.” By Climate Denier Roundup It was written by Bernard Weinstein, whose byline describes him as “an emeritus professor of applied economics at the University […]

Who’s dumb enough to fall for Big Oil’s greenwashing? Old climate deniers angry that API talks about ’emissions’

On Tuesday, the Koch-y RealClearEnergy ran an op-ed by American Petroleum Institute CEO Mike Sommers that tried to spin the Koch-y Colonial Pipeline operator’s decision to protect its billing process by shutting down gas shipping as a justification for further support of “abundant homegrown energy.” By Climate Denier Roundup The piece is standard industry cheerleading, jumping on the “this is like […]

The Fallacy of Our Carbon Footprint: Big Oil says citizens should do more to stop climate change.

In 1992, a Canadian ecologist named William Rees coined the term “ecological footprint,” a measurement of how much any entity was impacting the planet’s ecology. A decade later, British Petroleum started promoting a new term: “carbon footprint.”  In a splashy ad campaign, the company unveiled the first of its many carbon footprint calculators as a […]

Do we really need to “Liberate” fossil fuels?

There are few things in this world that the CEOs of powerful companies truly fear. With more money than they could ever need, the influence it buys and the power it gives them, they’re immune to nearly all of life’s most daunting and anxiety-inducing dilemmas. Nearly. There is one thing that, clearly, and rightfully, terrifies […]

CA oil drilling setback bill was defeated by pols who received $288k from big oil

On April 27, Amy Moas of Greenpeace began a series of pieces profiling some of the many ways that the fossil fuel industry exerts pressure across California’s government with a well-written and well-researched piece, “California’s Fossil Fuel Friendships – Part 1. Votes for Polluters over People.” By Dan Bacher  “Through lobbying, insider influence, campaign spending and more, the […]

May 22nd

War on Science: Disinfo has not yet had its day in court (But insurrectionists’ defenses might make that happen)

The Supreme Court ruled on the Baltimore vs Big Oil case this week and while traditionally we’ve delved into these sorts of things, these days there’s plenty of excellent coverage out there- Inside Climate News, as always, is well worth reading to get all the nuance, while Emily Atkin brings up the point that a couple of […]

‘Climate Shame’: How ExxonMobil’s climate denial mimics tobacco industry’s victim-blaming propaganda

A new study published yesterday by Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes of Harvard found ExxonMobil used a frame of climate “risk” to make it sound uncertain, and emphasized “demand” to deflect blame for their pollution off themselves and onto the public. Just like how Big Oil would come to hire and embrace Big Tobacco’s “scientists” and organizations, ExxonMobil, the study says, […]

Big Oil pretends to embrace climate action nationally, while fighting climate policies locally

This week, fossil fuel giant BP announced that while it left some trade groups last year, supposedly over their climate denial, it’s still going to maintain membership in the American Petroleum Institute, National Association of Manufacturers, US Chamber of Commerce and others. Apparently those groups’ lip-service embrace of a price on carbon is enough to set them apart from […]

68 Nobel laureates demand DOJ probe into Chevron’s prosecution of Steven Donziger

Dozens of Nobel laureates on Tuesday demanded that the U.S. Department of Justice intervene immediately to stop the prosecution of human rights attorney Steven Donziger by a corporate law firm with ties to Chevron, which has relentlessly demonized Donziger since his legal team first won a multibillion dollar judgement against the oil giant in 2011 for polluting the Ecuadorian Amazon. By Kenny Stancil Common […]

May 5th