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California can’t quit big oil because its pols can’t quit big oil money

This week, the environmental justice coalition VISION released a scorecard assessing the oil and gas records of California legislators. This scorecard represents a comprehensive analysis of legislative voting records during each legislator’s entire time in office. By Dan Bacher According to VISION, “It is the first and only scorecard to take into account the past nine […]

April 11th

Wouldn’t it be cool if news outlets didn’t rent themselves out to the oil industry?

Earlier this month, a Buzzfeed investigation revealed PR giant Edelman was breaking it’s pledge not to work on behalf of climate denial by keeping a Big Oil client. Then with a New York Times piece last week about the increasing unease workers in the advertising industry have with promoting fossil fuels, the CleanCreatives campaign has people thinking, and talking, about the […]

Big oil’s embrace of carbon pricing called PR ploy to avoid real, effective climate action

The American Petroleum Institute on Thursday expressed support for carbon pricing—a move that some heralded as a “major shift” for the country’s most powerful dirty energy lobbying group that has long opposed regulatory efforts to curb planet-heating greenhouse gas emissions. Progressive critics, however, characterized the decision as a form of “self-serving greenwashing” designed to forestall the […]

March 27th

Oil industry loves to make ludicrous assumptions about job impact of anti-oil policies

One of the defining features of organized denial is that it’s coordinated and relies on politicians, pundits and industry spokespeople singing from the same hymnal, each validating the other while appearing as though they’re working independently. By Climate Denier Roundup  In Floodlight’s latest investigation, Emily Holden worked with Cooper McKim of Wyoming Public Media to expose […]

Katie Porter tears into oil exec for claiming his industry doesn’t get special tax breaks

Congresswoman Katie Porter took a fossil fuel industry executive to task for falsely suggesting during a House hearing on Tuesday that oil and gas companies don’t receive special treatment in the U.S. tax code, a claim that the California Democrat quickly refuted—while also offering to eliminate the tax breaks. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Asked […]

March 11th

Drill, baby, drill: Cali’s Kern County Board of Supervisors Votes 5-0 to greenlight 40,500 new oil and gas wells

The Kern County Board of Supervisors just voted 5-0 for an ordinance that will greenlight 40,500 oil & gas wells that will likely end up in low-income, monolingual, Hispanic communities with virtually no environmental review. By Dan Bacher As was the case in the planning commission meeting that preceded this meeting 3 weeks ago, the […]

March 9th

Floodlight: Emails reveal gas industry waters down climate plans (After demanding seat at the table)

For ages, the oil and gas industry has told gullible politicians, centrists, pundits, and Very Serious People about how it totally cares about climate change, is really, totally, super serious about supporting a carbon price, and just wants “a seat at the table” with policymakers. API president Mike Sommers said it in a puff-piece interview at the […]

Shell continues to fund climate denier front group (See you in court)

In Shell’s most recent annual review of its trade group memberships, the company said they “have continued to work to ensure our memberships of industry associations support the Paris Agreement.” But as Luke Barratt and Alexander Kaufman at HuffPo revealed last week, Shell is a member of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), which as recently as […]

CA State Senators Wiener and Limón introduce bill to ban fracking and require 2500 foot setbacks from oil drilling

Senators Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara) today introduced legislation, Senate Bill 467, to ban fracking and other destructive oil extraction methods and to require setbacks between oil extraction and homes and schools in California. By Dan Bacher You can expect the Western States Petroleum Association, Chevron, Aera Energy and California Resources Corporation to spend big money lobbying […]

February 18th

SoCal marine protected areas, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta threatened by oil and gas wells

A recent report by Kyle Ferrar of the Fractracker Alliance confirms my extensive reporting on how the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative in Southern California, chaired by Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) President, did little or nothing to protect the marine environment from oil and gas drilling. By Dan Bacher The report also reveals the […]

February 17th

Big oil spends millions to buy out elected officials – but reaps BILLIONS

Dozens of Republican lawmakers who oppose President Joe Biden’s executive order temporarily halting new oil and gas leasing on federal lands have taken tens of millions of dollars in career campaign contributions from fossil fuel, energy, and natural resources industry interests, a report published Wednesday revealed. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The Public Citizen report—entitled Big Oil’s […]

February 12th

Denouncing ‘Handouts to Big Oil,’ Biden calls on Congress to end $40 billion in taxpayer subsidies for fossil fuels

In a speech Wednesday outlining his new executive actions aimed at confronting the “existential threat” of the climate crisis, President Joe Biden said he plans to ask the Democratic-controlled Congress to pass legislation eliminating the tens of billions in taxpayer subsidies the federal government continues to hand Big Oil even as the planetary emergency wreaks havoc […]

January 28th