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Stark new visualizations show how climate change is fueling worsening Western wildfires

A new report and visualizations from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows how climate change is fueling more intense and an increasing number of wildfires across the western United States, concluding that better forest management and climate action are the best tools to help limit future fire risks. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams “Every year, […]

September 15th

Trump hasn’t mentioned climate change-driven wildfires in any way, shape, or form for nearly 3 weeks

Climate action advocates and journalists are calling out President Donald Trump’s silence for nearly three weeks, as historic wildfires have torn across the western United States, devastating communities that were already struggling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and related economic crisis. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Both CNN and the group Climate Power 2020—which works to put […]

September 11th

‘This Is What a Climate Crisis Looks Like’: Fires Have Now Burned Record 2 Million Acres in California This Year

California officials announced Monday that this year’s ongoing wave of wildfires—which continues to force mass evacuations—has burned over two million acres, a new state record and a revelation that sparked fresh calls for urgent action to address the human-caused climate crisis. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Confirmation of the record came from California Department of Forestry […]

September 9th

Children shouldn’t have to live right next to oil wells and fracking; Ventura County Supervisors pass setback rule

After years of community members organizing and going to hearing after hearing, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors in an on-line 14-hour final hearing last night voted 3 to 2 to tentatively approve the nation’s first 2500 foot health and safety setback from oil wells as part of their General Plan. By Dan Bacher “We’re now one step closer to […]

September 4th

If Cali. Gov. Newsom wants to cut back on oil and fracking, why are new drilling permits up 190% in past 6 months?

As the California Resources Corporation and other oil companies filed for bankruptcy and COVID-19 cases shattered California daily records in the second quarter of 2020, oil regulators under Governor Gavin Newsom also shattered records for dispensing new oil and gas production well drilling permits, Consumer Watchdog and FracTracker Alliance said in a report released today. By Dan Bacher “The […]

September 3rd

Amendments to California’s SB 1012 could shift oil well cleanup costs to taxpayers

California environmentalists today, the final day of the legislative session, have been tweeting, emailing and calling legislators in a last minute attempt to stop the Assembly from approving Senate Bill SB 1012, an amended bill that they say could stop state government from holding oil companies accountable for paying to clean up their wells. By […]

September 1st

As Amazon and California burn, new analysis warns human activity driving global wildfire surge

While devastating fires rage on across California and the Amazon rainforest following historic heat and blazes in the Arctic earlier this year, a new analysis shows that destructive human activity has led to a troubling increase in global wildfires this year. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The report from the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and the Boston Consulting Group […]

August 30th

Gas plant shutdowns caused California blackouts, not renewables (and wasting money on nuclear wouldnt help)

Last week started and ended with more unwelcome signs of climatic collapse, with the rough equivalent of a category 2 hurricane sweeping through Iowa starting the week, and California’s heatwave and wildfires creating a fire tornado to end it. By Climate Denier Roundup The intense heat in California, the hottest in 70 years, has strained its power grid, and over […]

Bay Area activists respond to Phillips 66’s announcement to convert Rodeo refinery to renewable diesel

On August 20, San Francisco Bay Area activists responded to Phillips 66’s August 12th announcement that the company would close its Santa Maria refining facility, its carbon plant in Rodeo, and convert its 122,000 bpd Rodeo petroleum refinery to a 42,000 bpd renewable diesel facility by 2024.   By Dan Bacher in the announcement, Phillips 66 said it […]

August 23rd

Renewables aren’t causing California’s blackouts (But climate deniers are happy to lie about it)

One of the strangest new approaches climate change deniers have successfully pushed into the mainstream is that bad things happening now will happen more if we take climate action. For example, taking her cues from the WSJ’s editorial board and other deniers, Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times wrote about how people are (wrongly) blaming renewables for the blackouts. […]

Lightning sparks hundreds of fires in California as flames overwhelm resources

Authorities in California announced Wednesday evacuations for thousands of people as multiple wildfires left firefighters facing “depleted” resources and area residents dealt with rolling blackouts, high heat, poor air quality, and possible loss of homes—all as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage. 2020 in a single remarkable photo – by @noahberger3884 in California — Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) August […]

August 21st

The 3 CA Senate Dems who voted against drilling setbacks bill took big bucks from big oil

Three California Senate Democrats who voted with Republicans against an amended version of AB 345, a bill that would require the establishment of an environmental justice program at the California Natural Resources Agency, received $142,206 in donations from oil and gas corporations. By Dan Bacher Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg, Senator Anna Caballero and Senator Ben Hueso joined Republican Senators Andrea Borgeas and Brian Jones to defeat the […]

August 20th