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Elected Officials to Protect CA: Trump rollbacks methane emissions, Newsom issues fracking permits

On September 12, Elected Officials to Protect California (EOPCA) issued a press release about their frustration with Newsom not responding to the letter sent to him on Valentines Day, signed by over 300 elected officials urging him to take action to halt oil and gas well permitting, put safety zones around existing wells and to phase out fossil fuel production once and for all. EOPCA […]

September 18th

Ecological threats and armed conflict could displace Over 1 billion people by 2050

An analysis released Wednesday by an international think tank warns that as the world’s population continues to climb toward and possibly surpass 10 billion by 2050, ecological disasters and armed conflict could forcibly displace roughly 10% of humanity—or about 1.2 billion people. By Jessica Corbett Dreams The inaugural Ecological Threat Register (ETR) was published by the […]

September 18th

Buildings consume lots of energy – here’s how to design whole communities that give back as much as they take

Although the coronavirus pandemic has dominated recent headlines, climate change hasn’t gone away. Many experts are calling for a “green” economic recovery that directs investments into low-carbon energy sources and technologies. Charles F. Kutscher, University of Colorado Boulder The Conversation Buildings account for 40% of total energy consumption in the U.S., compared to 32% for […]

September 17th

Why are Democrats STILL not running on climate change, even as fire engulfs the West?

As a historic wave of wildfires burns across western U.S. states on the heels of Hurricane Laura hitting the Gulf Coast and a powerful wind storm tearing through the Midwest last month, the Associated Press on Friday highlighted how, despite these disasters, the climate crisis is “largely missing” from the 2020 presidential campaigns. Here’s the thing: our response to the COVID-19 crisis is only making […]

September 17th

Deniers Accidentally Debunk Their Own Wildfire & Climate Denial

As yet another Hurricane floods the Gulf, the western wildfires remain a center of attention for climate deniers and conspiracy theorists alike. For example, ClimateFeedback has debunked claims that the fires were started by arsonists, and Gizmodo’s covered the crazy claims that it was actually antifa, which led to armed Q-Anon-ers holding multiple reporters of color at gunpoint at their own home-made checkpoints. By […]

September 16th

Faced with rising seas and other consequences of climate crisis, low-lying Delaware sues 31 fossil fuel companies

Joining the trend of city, county, and state governments trying to make polluters pay for their significant contributions to the climate crisis, Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings on Thursday announced a lawsuit against 31 fossil fuel companies on behalf of her state’s residents and businesses. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Delawareans are already paying for […]

September 16th

Stark new visualizations show how climate change is fueling worsening Western wildfires

A new report and visualizations from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows how climate change is fueling more intense and an increasing number of wildfires across the western United States, concluding that better forest management and climate action are the best tools to help limit future fire risks. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams “Every year, […]

September 15th

Europe’s climate change denial movement looks a whole lot like the American version

With the state of Delaware and the city of Charleston, South Carolina joining the effort to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the climate damages its knowingly caused on the coasts, it’s looking more and more likely that at some point, one of these many cases will succeed in prying open the inner workings of organized denial and […]

September 14th

While Trump commission warns of climate risk to financial system, recommendations fall short of direct, immediate action

Especially considering that President Donald Trump and his appointees have spent the past few years serving corporate polluters by rolling back dozens of environmental regulations, climate campaigners on Wednesday welcomed a new federal report about how the human-caused planetary emergency endangers the U.S. financial system but also warned that its recommendations fall short of the ambitious action […]

September 14th

‘Nature is unraveling’: WWF reports alarming 68% plummet in wildlife populations

“The Living Planet Report 2020 is being published at a time of global upheaval, yet its key message is something that has not changed in decades: nature—our life-support system—is declining at a staggering rate.” That’s according to the 13th edition of a biennial report (pdf) from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), released Thursday in the midst […]

September 13th

‘Green New Deal or the Blood Red Apocalypse. Your choice’: Dems urged to embrace bold climate action as West burns

Leading Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are facing heightened demands to back the Green New Deal as wildfires continue to scorch western states, causing apocalyptic-looking orange skies and “catastrophic” damage. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams The National Interagency Fire Center said Wednesday that 96 large fires have now burned over 3.4 million acres across […]

September 12th