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Europe’s climate change denial movement looks a whole lot like the American version

With the state of Delaware and the city of Charleston, South Carolina joining the effort to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the climate damages its knowingly caused on the coasts, it’s looking more and more likely that at some point, one of these many cases will succeed in prying open the inner workings of organized denial and […]

September 14th

Election 2020: No, Joe Biden is NOT Satan (despite Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ stupid musings)

A few years back, Dilbert comic creator turned right-wing blogger Scott Adams issued a challenge on Twitter to find “just one” scientist “who says the climate prediction models are credible.” He framed himself as someone just trying to figure out the truth, and provide advice as an expert in persuasion for climate scientists, to educate them on how to convince people […]

September 2nd

IPCC: the dirty tricks climate scientists faced in three decades since first report

Thirty years ago, in a small Swedish city called Sundsvall, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its first major report. By Marc Hudson, Keele University The Conversation Even then, the major dilemmas facing those who sought rapid action were clear. An account by Jeremy Leggett, who had thrown in a well-paid job as […]

September 1st

QAnon conspiracies starting to overlap with climate denial networks

Hey champ, got a minute? Grab a seat, buddy, it’s time we have… The Talk. You may have noticed some changes recently in your body politic, like hair-brained conspiracy theories growing in new places, or new feelings about your fellow Americans – specifically their seemingly ever-more-tenuous grasp on reality. Don’t worry, you’re right to be concerned, […]

September 1st

Teen changes step-dad’s mind on climate change (while going from climate denier to climate hawk)

Yale Climate Connections featured repubicEN spokesperson Lance Lawson in their latest 90-second episode. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN In the episode, Teen changes stepdad’s mind on global warming: both used to think the problem was a hoax, Lance recounts the journey he and his family went on from not believing the science of climate change to […]

August 13th

War on Science: Denier claims peer review is bad… For Science!

Last Thursday, Trump’s EPA administrator and former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler spent nearly an hour with the fossil-fuel-funded Heritage Foundation for a virtual event on “recent successes.” By Climate Denier Roundup This video will probably not be counted among those successes, because as of Tuesday afternoon it had only 242 views. (For those keeping score at […]

War on science, climate change denial, and (of course!) Jeffrey Epstein

Wednesday, we talked about how complaints of controversial speech being censored is usually either little more than a request that the oppressed be quiet about their oppression, or a way for deniers to continue arguing against regulations. But there’s more to it than that, particularly when it comes to political correctness in science. For example, on […]

Regurgitating oil industry talking points doesn’t make a climate “debate”

Some might say that the only thing worse than being (deliberately) stupid is being lazy. Fortunately, we don’t have to decide, because climate change deniers are both. Case in point: As you may recall, Nicolas Loris of the industry-funded Heritage Foundation, recently argued that harmful indoor air pollution from gas stoves is no reason to replace them with electric […]

Fossil fuel advocates playing nasty hardball to block clean energy

Yesterday, Sammy Roth of the LA Times published a shocking story of extortion and terrorism in the service of fossil fuels and fighting to stop climate action. Also yesterday, a new group of conservatives who supposedly care about climate action launched. It’s hard to say which appears more insidious. By Climate Denier Roundup On its face, Roth’s story of […]

We can’t do climate action alone (is no excuse for inaction)

All the way back in 2014, we pointed to research showing that denial is driven by a rejection of climate solutions. Last year, we repeatedly warned about how while some on the right, particularly the young, are pushing for real climate solutions, and the industry is pretending to have solutions, the GOP remains committed to fossil fuels, peddling fake solutions and […]

Heartland’s climate-denier anti-Greta is also an anti-semite

In the span of just a few months, Naomi Seibt has gone from making a surprise appearance at a Heartland conference, to denying being a pawn of Heartland, to being on their payroll and speaking at CPAC (the ComicCon of conservative punditry), to being a guest on Fox News.Apparently in their haste to find an Anti-Greta, Heartland either failed to actually […]