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News Flash: Yes, Coal Still Causes Global Warming [video]

The Clean Coal discussion is not as simple as anyone (on either side of the propaganda machine) wants to make it out to be. To quote Bruce Niles from the Sierra Club: “Clean Coal means different things to different people.” If clean coal is what the coal industry wants, it’s already here. Environmental scientists agree that Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) has some potential to make coal cleaner. But that nuance is lost in this discussion.

March 5th

Coal Lobby Co-Opts Obama Message in New Ad

You don’t see commercials for biotech companies that do stem-cell research do it. You’re not seeing wind turbine manufacturers buy ad-time doing it. So why is it that the “clean coal” industry group running primetime television commercials taking soundbites and snippets from what Pres. Obama has said about coal.

January 26th

Zaproot: How Dirty is Clean Coal?

This week our friends at ZapRoot take an exhaustive look at the elusive clean coal. In short, the reality of clean coal is that it doesn’t exist and now ZapRoot has jumped into the mix with does some more entertaining debunking of the clean coal myth. Don’t blink at the beginning because you’ll miss a […]

January 14th