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Australia is not on track to hit Paris Climate Agreement goals. It’s a carbon-intensive mess.

A damning report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that, while Australia has made some progress, the country nevertheless remains one of the most carbon-intensive OECD countries and one of the few where greenhouse gas emissions have increased over the past decade.  By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica Therefore, the OECD’s third Environmental Performance Review of […]

February 7th

Trump throws coal under the bus in his SOTU

The Intertubes have been buzzing over the total omission of the US coal industry from President* Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday. Adding insult to injury, the Commander-in-Chief took the opportunity to wax enthusiastic over productivity in the US oil and gas industries. It’s almost like he wanted all those miners to feel […]

February 7th

Can you guess how many times Trump mentioned clean energy, climate change and the environment in the SOTU?

Last night, Trump delivered his tardy State of the Union speech, held up by his self-induced shutdown. How did he address the environment, the clean energy revolution, and the growing climate crisis – which the majority of Americans recognized as one of the most pressing issues facing the union? By Jeremy Bloom He didn’t. He […]

February 7th

Drain the Swamp: Trump’s cabinet is so corrupt, polluters don’t even need lobbyists anymore

Despite campaigning with a promise to “drain the swamp,” Trump has since his first day in office appointed numerous lobbyists to run the federal government, including Andrew Wheeler at the EPA and David Bernhardt at Interior. Basically everyone was suspicious about whether these appointees would serve the public or their former employers -and rightfully so. […]

February 2nd

Green vs brown: China exports solar panels, but also finances new coal plants in Africa and Asia

At the same time as China is leading the world in exporting green environmental goods and services and building up the globe’s largest renewable energy industry, the country is simultaneously funding over a quarter of the coal plants currently under development outside of the country, from South Africa to Mongolia. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica […]

January 31st

US EIA annual energy outlook wildly misses the mark (again)

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has often come under fire for its outlooks, both short- and long-term, as it has repeatedly under-represented the growing role of renewable energy technologies in the future energy mix, and with its recently-published Annual Energy Outlook 2019 the EIA has once again missed the mark, despite finally recognizing the growing role […]

January 30th

Germany agrees on 20 year timetable to dump coal

Germany will stop burning coal for electricity by 2038, under plans finalised by a commission in the small hours of Saturday. It is the first time Europe’s biggest economy, which gets 35% of its power from coal, has outlined a timeline to phase out the polluting fuel. By Sven Egenter and Benjamin Wehrmann Clean Energy Wire via Climate Home News A […]

January 29th

US DOE has great news about renewable energy (Sorry, Trump!)

File this one under W for With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? President* Trump front-loaded his 2016 campaign with a pledge to revive the US coal industry, but during his tenure the growth prospects for coal power have flatlined. The latest outlook on electricity generation from Trump’s own Department of Energy serves up the […]

January 14th