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Utilities HATE Trump’s mercury rollback (but big coal wants to poison more kids)

With just hours to spare before the government shutdown, Trump’s EPA rushed to publicize one last major piece of regulatory action. What was so important that it warranted release before the shutdown? Surely something that would protect children and the environment, per the agency’s remit. Of course not! Instead, the agency did the opposite: taking comment on […]

Why the heck doesn’t Australia have any offshore wind energy development?

As the year draws to a close and Australia’s renewable energy industry celebrates a surprisingly strong year — surprising, especially considering the general lack of support from the Federal Government — one could be forgiven for wondering why a literal “island nation” as big as Australia hasn’t turned its eyes offshore for its electricity generation. […]

December 29th

2018 Year In Review: Germany hits 38% renewable energy. If they can, so can we!

Renewable energy is expected to cover approximately 38% of German electricity consumption this year, an increase of 2% over 2017, according to the latest figures. Almost 229 billion kilowatt-hours kWh) will be generated from German renewable energy sources in 2018. Further, some months — January, April, May, and likely December — will have seen renewable […]

December 29th

Coming in 2019: Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, vow to ditch coal power

The cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, committed themselves to phasing out coal this month, in a move at odds with the Australia’s aggressively pro-coal national government. The country’s two largest cities joined an international coalition of states, regions, cities and businesses who have committed to ending coal power generation. Australia is the fourth largest coal producer […]

December 27th

2018 Year In Review: US moving beyond coal as we head toward 100% Renewable Energy

Amidst the recent drumbeat of increasingly dire climate news, there’s another important story to restore your hope – the US keeps moving beyond coal. In fact, US coal consumption is at the lowest level in four decades, coal plant closings doubled in Trump’s second year in office, and 2018 is on track to be a record year for coal […]

December 27th