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Trump EPA’s vision for the next four years would create ‘Apocalyptic, devastated planet’

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler is under fire for a Thursday speech laying out a vision for the agency that critics warn would unleash untold environmental devastation should it come to pass. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, delivered the remarks at the Nixon Library in southern California to commemorate the 50th anniversary […]

September 8th

Trump plan to open National Forests to oil and gas drilling rebuked as attack on biodiversity and indigenous lands

Defenders of wildlife and biodiversity on Tuesday decried a proposal released by President Donald Trump’s Department of Agriculture that would sharply curtail the U.S. Forest Service’s ability to weigh in on the activities of oil and gas giants in the country’s national forests, opening millions of acres of protected land to drilling operations. By Julia Conley Common Dreams The […]

September 5th

‘Another toxic giveaway’: Trump EPA rolls back coal plant wastewater rules

In what critics called yet “another toxic giveaway” to corporate polluters, the Trump administration late Monday afternoon announced final revisions to Obama-era regulations designed protect lakes, rivers, and streams near coal-fired power plants by imposing strict treatment requirements for wastewater containing toxic pollutants. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The new Environmental Protection Agency guidelines relax a 2015 […]

September 2nd

Trump’s USDA is serving up diseased chicken

Top regulatory officials in Trump’s government keep chanting the same one-word mantra: “Deregulate. Deregulate. Deregulate.” Day after day, these agency bosses have been “liberating” greedy business interests to do their damnedest to consumers, workers, the environment — and even our chicken dinner. By Jim Hightower Yes, chicken. Instead of Kentucky-fried or tacos con pollo, they’re serving […]

September 2nd

Climate groups furious as DNC drops plank on ending fossil fuel subsidies from Democratic platform

Environmentalists reacted with outrage late Tuesday to news that the Democratic National Committee this week quietly removed from the final party platform an amendment calling for an end to federal subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, a longstanding demand of climate activists that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supported during the primary. By Jake […]

August 19th

Trump Admin pushes forward with ‘Deeply Damaging’ plan for oil drilling in ANWR

Environmental advocates vowed to sue the U.S. Department of Interior following its announcement Monday that the Trump administration has finalized plans to auction off oil and gas leasing rights in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). “The door is being flung wide open for oil and gas drilling to impose irreversible harm to one of America’s […]

August 17th

Trump pulls nomination of “Unapologetic Racist’ William Perry Pendley to oversee US public lands

Environmental campaigners on Saturday welcomed news that President Donald Trump withdrew his nomination of “pro-polluter” and “unapologetic racist” William Perry Pendley for director of the Bureau of Land Management, with groups saying he should no longer be allowed to continue in his role as unofficial head of the agency. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Pendley, […]

August 15th

Alleging cover-up to protect Secretary Bernhardt, lawmakers demand criminal perjury probe into top interior official

Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Raúl Grijalva on Tuesday alleged a “cover-up” and demanded a criminal perjury probe into the Interior Department’s top lawyer after an inspector general report concluded that political appointees at the agency withheld documents about Secretary David Bernhardt during his Senate confirmation process last year. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams In a joint statement, […]

August 14th

Court tosses out Trump Interior’s gutting of century-old protections for migratory birds

Conservation advocates and critics of the Trump administration’s subservience to corporate polluters celebrated a federal court’s Tuesday decision throwing out a December 2017 Interior Department opinion that effectively gutted nationwide protections for migratory birds by letting industry off the hook for “incidental” killings. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Like the clear crisp notes of the […]

August 13th

Drain the Swamp: “Only The Best” people can get hired through their family’s misconduct, (and fired for their own)

One thing that will never not be funny is the fact that, as a Presidential candidate, Donald Trump said he would “surround [him]self with only the best and most serious people,” and that he “will hire the best people” to staff his administration; since then, at least 14 of his aids, donors or advisors have been indicted or put […]

Trump’s top lawyer at Interior under Secretary Bernhardt accused of breaking the law

An Interior Department Inspector General’s report and breaking reporting reveals that President Trump’s top Interior Solicitor Daniel Jorjani illegally withheld public documents prior to the Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s Senate confirmation hearing and then “perjured himself under oath,” according to a statement by the Western Values Project. By Dan Bacher Bernhardt, a former lobbyist for the Westlands Water District and oil companies, […]

August 12th

Michael Mann: It’s time for America to reassert climate leadership. It starts with voting

(For a generation, Dr. Michael Mann has been a leading voice for climate change action, policy based on sound science, and getting out and voting to support those two causes. Here’s an excerpt from his contribution to The Guardian’s series 100 Climate Countdown.) By Michael Mann It’s time for America to reassert climate leadership. It […]

August 4th