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Kunstler’s forecast for 2013: Contraction, Contagion, and Contradiction (Part 1)

By James Howard Kunstler (Today we talked about the ghost of peak oil past; tomorrow we talk about the fracked-up global present, and Wednesday we take a look at what is yet to come, and make a few predictions.) The people who like to think they are managing the world’s affairs seem fiercely determined to ignore the world’s […]

December 31st

Gerrymanders vs moderation – 2012’s surprising Congressional results

By David Brin Gerrymandering – I appraised it back when most blue and red states shared equally in this crime against democracy. Now, big changes are afoot, at long last, and reform has veered in unexpected ways. Prepare for several surprises. First a little background. Post-election, shallow rationalizations fingerpoint at California, where Democrats increased their control over the legislature to […]

November 19th

David Brin’s election round-up – The road ahead

By David Brin While I am relieved to have the U.S. election behind us, I’ll be disengaging from politics in stages. As a contrarian gadfly, I’m expected to toss some unusual, off-angle suggestions at both winners and losers. But first… a mere tad of gloating, plus some riffs about libertarians, marijuana, gay marriage, science and etcetera! 1) […]

November 12th

President Obama’s Victory Speech, November 7, 2012

Read President Obama’s powerful, impassioned victory speech earlier this morning – full transcript is below the video… “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward. It moves forward because of […]

November 7th

Election 2012: David Brin lays out what is at stake today

By David Brin We’ll conclude this election season with some hard-hitting facts and a bit of entertaining polemic… followed by an appeal for us all return to the sci fi mentality of optimism and rising above petty squabbles.  Because we all should – along with our civilization – go “back to the future.” Me? I’m going […]

November 6th

Election 2012: David Brin’s last-minute political snippets

By David Brin For my second-to-last pre-election post, let’s offer up a potpourri of potent political snippets and graphics for the undecided, before I return to sum up the case for our Periclean Enlightenment. But first a reminder of these earlier, devastatingly fact-full, Big Picture overviews of the main issues. Democrats vs Republicans on foreign policy and war In […]

November 6th