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Who was the best US President for the environment?

Monday, February 17, 2020 marked Presidents Day in the US. It’s a time to commemorate exceptional leaders who served their countries well and who made a lasting, positive impact for generations to follow. Those of us who are ecojustice warriors also search deeply in this time of climate crisis to find the qualities of the […]

February 18th

41 college Republican groups sign on to the green conservative movement

Led by the American Conservation Coalition (ACC), a millennial-founded and driven group which empowers conservatives to re-engage on environmental conversations, 41 state college Republican chairmen signed a letter encouraging conservative action on clean energy and environmental issues. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News “A conservative approach to renewable energy, land conservation, sportsmen’s rights, and our agricultural system will allow America […]

January 23rd

Jobs vs. environment? Trump’s EPA chief gets it backward

The Environmental Protection Agency-hating chief of the EPA was on Fox & Friends Thursday morning spouting what has become his standard line of nonsense about President Obama’s stance on jobs and the environment. By Meteor Blades Scott Pruitt, who as Oklahoma attorney general sued the EPA more than a dozen times, said on Fox what he’s been saying […]

April 13th

Green news roundup – from climate to the Bundy Trial

By Meteor Blades FishOutofWater writes—Tropical Storm Matthew Forms, Moving into Caribbean’s All Time Ocean Heat, Looks Like a Killer: “I have feared for over a year that the combination of global warming and El Niño would warm the tropical Atlantic to record levels producing the conditions that would allow a hurricane as destructive as Sandy or Mitch […]

September 28th

Hillary Clinton opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership based on what she knows about it

By Meteor Blades Hillary Clinton has announced that she is not in favor of the Trans-Pacific Partnership based on what she has learned about it. With that stance, she has become the third Democratic presidential candidate—after Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Gov. Martin O’Malley—to oppose the 12-nation trade agreement. Alice Ollstein reports: Speaking to PBS […]

October 7th

No Fracking In New York Says DEC

Residents of New York state need not worry, there will be no fracking in New York. The New York state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) banned the practice by issuing the final document needed to ban the practice. The state DEC has studied the controversial practice for seven years leading up to yesterday’s ban of high-volume […]

June 30th

SOTU 2014 – State of the nation, state of the environment

The important question going into this year’s State of the Union is, Will any of this matter? Will any of the proposals President Obama brings to the table tonight move forward, or will the GOP and their Tea Party hard-liners successfully continue to stand athward history, howling STOP! With both the House and Senate tied […]

January 28th

20+ Memorable Earth Day Posters from 1970-2009

1970 Earth Day 1970 (Pogo via Walt Kelley) (Earth Day 1970 by Robert Leydenfrost, via Click Americana) Earth Day 1971 (Pogo via Walt Kelley) Earth Day 1975 Earth Day 1980 (via Denver Public Library) Earth Day 1990   (via markbult) Earth Day 1995 (By Peter Max) 2000 (via Bob Masse) Earth Day 2004 (via U.S. […]

April 21st

How green was Obama’s jobs speech?

Well, he talked the talk. But when it comes to the environment, will President Obama be able to walk the walk? His jobs plan won’t do as much for the environment as earlier programs like tax credits for home solar and wind power installations.

September 8th