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Renewable Roundup: Michael Moore’s Planet of the (wrong, wrong, wrong!) Humans

Michael Moore definitely knows how to stir up a controversy, sometimes to good effect. But it is nearly universally agreed that Planet of the Humans (like Planet of the Apes, ha-ha, get it?) gets the science and technology all wrong, with disastrous policy implications. By Mokurai No, let me be precise. Policy “prescriptions” that are wrong, wrong, wrong: […]

June 8th

War on Science: Even more debunkings of the lousy science of “Planet of the Humans”

It’s been a few weeks since Michael Moore’s deceptive re-release of Planet of the Humans, a documentary so loaded with errors it’s spawned at least 30 rebuttals and even more critical reviews. Scientists, journalists, activists, energy experts and even another documentary filmmaker have published debunkings, while the fossil-fuel funded climate denial network has praised it.   By Climate Denier Roundup “My friends and I […]

“Planet of the Humans” is arguing with a straw man in flames. But the age of fire is ending.

My CleanTechnica colleague in arms Steve Hanley beat me to it writing a piece reacting to the movie Planet Of The Humans, but as luck would have it, he actually encourages reactions from any of the several millions who actually watched the whole thing, which I did, mostly because a friend was unsure about its theses and wished to […]

Michael Moore’s new film is a bullshit look at clean energy. Why?

Last August, the AP published a story about the premiere of Michael Moore’s latest documentary at Michael Moore’s Traverse City film festival, which he tweeted out jokingly as his “August surprise.” Titled “Planet of the Humans,” it reportedly took a critical look at clean energy and the environmental movement, which is probably why Breitbart quickly posted the story. This was […]

Vice: A film commentary on the politics of climate denial

I was recently invited to a screening of the new film Vice. I will confess that I was positively predisposed toward liking the film. I’m a big fan of screenwriter/director Adam McKay, whom I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with on occasion. His film The Big Short was an engaging and powerful expose on the financial corruption behind the U.S mortgage […]

January 14th

Hollywood promotes electric cars and sustainability by featuring Tesla EVs on films and TV

Tesla’s cars have become popular with many of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But more recently, many of those who are behind the scenes on today’s television and movie sets are embracing the electric car and clean energy. Ian Bailey reports in The Globe and Mail that movies and television shows “with green content can [help] drive sustainability.” And that’s an important message that can be […]

October 21st

“First Man” movie: The US put a man on the moon; it’s about time we took the lead on climate change

Considering this week’s alarming report from the International Panel on Climate Change, the October 12 release date of the major motion picture First Man is about as neat a coincidence between life and art as you’ll ever see. After all, the film deals with the hair-thin line between existing and not existing, and, well, according to IPCC […]

October 14th

The Avengers vs the straw man: Was Thanos an environmentalist?

If any of our readers are jonesin’ for some denier takes on environmental myths,  there’s a new post in “,” which is the rebranded “NoFrakkingConsensus” blog run by Donna LaFramboise. (You might, but probably don’t, remember LaFramboise for attacking the IPCC when AR4 came out.) The post references a book by former UC Santa Barbara biology professor Daniel Botkin, who, […]