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Fossil fuel companies took $8.2 billion in job-saving bailouts—Then fired 58,000 workers anyway

Bolstering arguments against providing further public benefits to the fossil fuel industry, a BailoutWatch analysis published Friday reveals that 77 companies got a collective $8.24 billion tax bailout last year, then laid off tens of thousands of employees. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The tax benefits for major polluters resulted from two provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, […]

April 7th

Mike Rowe’s newest, dirtiest job as fossil fuel shill shows how big oil co-opts community leaders

Last week the NAACP’s Environmental and Climate Justice Program published a report on Big Oil’s big lies, going through the industry’s top 10 tactics, the reality of carbon pollution’s out-sized impact on BIPOC and low-income communities, and then 10 tactics for climate justice advocates to fight back By Climate Denier Roundup In some ways, “Fossil Fueled […]

Dr Michael Mann: The moral hazard of geoengineering (there is NO cheap way out)

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has published a new report (“Reflecting Sunlight“) on the topic of Geoengineering (that is, the deliberate manipulation of the global Earth environment in an effort to offset the effects of human carbon pollution-caused climate change). By Michael Mann While I am, in full disclosure, a member of the Academy, I offer the […]

March 29th

Climate Chaos report pulls back the curtain on the big banks’ love affair with big oil

Authored by the  Indigenous Environmental Network, Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack, Oil Change International, Reclaim Finance, and Sierra Club, this year’s report, titled Banking on Climate: Chaos 2021, expands its focus from 35 to 60 of the world’s largest banks. By Dan Bacher The report documents “an alarming disconnect” between the global scientific consensus on climate change and the continued business practices […]

March 29th

You think clean energy is expensive? Banks have poured $3.8 TRILLION into fossil fuels in past 5 years

A detailed new report released Wednesday morning by a coalition of environmental groups shows that the 60 largest banks in the world have poured more than $3.8 trillion into the fossil fuel industry since the Paris climate accord was adopted in 2015, providing key financing for destructive projects ranging from coal-fueled power plants in Indonesia to Enbridge’s Line 3 tar […]

March 25th

The oil industry says it might support a carbon tax – here’s why that could be good for producers and the public alike

The oil industry’s lobbying arm, the American Petroleum Institute, suggested in a new draft statement that it might support Congress putting a price on carbon emissions to combat climate change, even though oil and gas are major sources of those greenhouse gas emissions. An industry calling for a tax on the use of its products […]

March 10th

DeJoy is locking USPS into fossil fuels (but corruption may bring him down)

A Democratic congressman is demanding that the Securities and Exchange Commission investigate a shady $54 million purchase of Oshkosh Corporation stock just hours before scandal-ridden Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced the decision to award that company with a lucrative 10-year contract to produce a new, largely gasoline-powered fleet of U.S. Postal Service delivery trucks. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams […]

March 10th

Who’s a job-killer? Oil firms take bailout money, fire workers, use it for executive bonuses

We and others have talked about Cara Daggett’s concept of petromasculinity a lot since she coined the term in 2018 to describe the way that the fossil fuel industry has been imbued with testosterone. Even if you aren’t familiar with the phrase, you know what it means —  like truck nuts rolling coal and gushing oil rigs symbolizing the patriarchal dominance of the natural […]

February 26th

How extractive industries manage to carry on harming the planet

Around the globe, concern is mounting about the unfolding climate and ecological catastrophe. Yet the extraction of natural resources through mining and energy projects continues on a large scale, with disastrous environmental consequences. By Judith Verweijen, University of Sheffield and Alexander Dunlap, University of Oslo The Conversation To understand how this is possible, one place […]

February 25th

Carbon Brief: Health benefits of Paris climate goals could save millions of lives by 2040

On World Health Day in 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that “protecting human health is the ‘bottom line’ of climate change strategies”. The WHO went on to describe climate change as “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century”. This is because – through its effects on food security, heatwaves, floods, storms, wildfires, infectious diseases, air quality, migration, conflict and mental health – climate change both exacerbates […]

February 24th

Fossil fuel exec brags of ‘Hitting the Jackpot’ as natural gas prices surge amid deadly crisis in Texas

More than two dozen Texans have died as a result of Winter Storm Uri—and thousands remain without heat, water, and food—but widespread evidence of human suffering didn’t stop one dirty energy executive from boasting about profiting from the crisis. “Obviously, this week is like hitting the jackpot.” That’s what Roland Burns, president and chief financial officer of Comstock Resources, […]

February 21st