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Top 10 eco-friendly pest management strategies for your home garden

A sustainable home garden can be an enjoyable and educational way to connect with nature. You’ll learn about several different green topics, like how to compost food scraps and save various seeds. There’s a downside, though — pests. How do you keep these critters away from your plot without any environmental implications? By Emily Folk […]

August 22nd

Gardening maintenance: A month by month guide

Every spring, people get excited to head to the store for gardening supplies. It’s fun to plant seeds and watch your garden grow, but anyone who wants a green thumb should how to tend plants in every season. It’s possible to garden all year round if you know what to look for and add to your […]

July 12th

James Howard Kunstler: Making my garden grow (in the face of the meltdown)

By James Howard Kunstler . Unless your mobile home was blown all over the county on opening day of the tornado season, this must seem like an interlude of reassuring normality in the world’s convulsive wendings. The IED known as Greece has not quite yet exploded, loud as all the graveyard whistling that emanates from Europe […]

March 12th